Access to Justice Committee

The Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month from noon to 1:00 p.m. We develop resources for attorneys and plan events to promote pro bono and community oriented legal services. In conjunction with Denver courts, the Committee sponsors an annual Legal Resource Day. We recognize and celebrate our colleagues who fulfill their ethical obligation to provide legal services to those unable to pay.

The Denver Bar Association’s Access to Justice Committee promotes pro bono and low cost legal services and serves as a forum for stakeholders to discuss and raise awareness about access to justice issues in our community.


Pro Bono Stars


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Do you know a lawyer who has made outstanding pro bono contributions in the Denver legal community? If so, please nominate that person to be recognized by the Denver Bar Association (DBA) and the DBA Access to Justice Committee as a 2024 Pro Bono Star

This year, the Denver Bar Association and the DBA Access to Justice Committee will be recognizing 4-5 lawyers as Pro Bono Stars in the Denver legal community. The purpose of this recognition is to spotlight the pro bono efforts of our members. Pro Bono Stars will be recognized on the DBA website, via DBA social media, and at a DBA Board of Trustees meeting. The Pro Bono Stars will be announced in October 2024 to coincide with Legal Resource Week.

Selection Criteria
Pro Bono Star nominees should be active members of the Denver Bar Association and should have contributed pro bono services to the Denver legal community in the previous two years. Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of the nature and extent of their pro bono contributions. Consideration will also be given to diversity, including diversity of the lawyer, the lawyer’s pro bono contribution, the lawyer’s practice area, and geographic diversity.

Nomination Process
Please send nominations to Virginia McClerkin at [email protected]  by June 24, 2024. Please include the lawyer’s full name, contact information, and a brief summary (approx. one paragraph) of the pro bono work the lawyer does and why you are nominating the lawyer. Feel free to suggest more than one candidate. 

About the DBA Access to Justice Committee
The DBA Access to Justice Committee works to promote access to justice and pro bono services in the Denver legal community. The Committee has promoted a host of pro bono legal clinics and events. The Committee meets monthly. For more information about the Committee’s work or how to join, go to

Contact Us

For more information or to get involved, contact Virginia McClerkin at [email protected].


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