This program offers attorneys and judges to speak to your students on a wide variety of topics that covers historical law, professionally related laws, legalities around current issues, and miscellaneous legal topics. Below is a list of topics for which we have speakers.  If you have topics not listed here, please be sure to notify the Bar so we can begin recruiting speakers for your needs!


How do I acquire a speaker?

Attorneys have very hectic schedules, the Denver Bar Association need a minimum of 4 weeks before the date you need a speaker. To request a speaker please email [email protected]The DBA will send out a call to recruit a speaker for your classroom.

  • Date, time, location (address, room #)
  • Topic, brief description of content seeking within topic
  • Time allotted for speaking
  • Number of students
  • Grade
  • Teacher contact information (including email and phone numbers)


Teacher and Attorney Responsibilities

To ensure a positive outcome for the students:

  • The teacher and the attorney are responsible for discussing in advance of the scheduled speaking date the specific content and goals of the speaking presentation.
  • Teachers must guide attorneys in their speaking assignments.
  • Attorneys must work with the teachers to define the presentation based on the teachers’ and class needs.
  • The teacher is responsible for contacting the attorneys and providing the attorney speaker with all presentation details.
  • The attorney is responsible for returning teacher phone calls in a timely fashion and connecting to discuss and working with the teacher to map out the presentation content.
  • The attorney is also responsible for conducting all research needed and preparation of his/her presentation, and communication.


The following is a list of suggested topics for which we have speakers readily available. If there is a topic you are interested in but don't see listed here, please contact  Ashley Staab so we can recruit a speaker that fits your needs.

So, you're 18 now...A survival guide for young adults: Rights & responsibilities

The CBA Public Legal Education Department has a booklet with information about Rights and Responsibilities.  A speaker can be provided to speak on the topics in this booklet.  This program is designed to give some basic information on new rights and responsibilities you have when you turn 18.  Topics discussed: Citizenship, Where you Live, Family Law, Estate Planning, On the Job, You're Under Arrest, On the Road, Consumer Credit.


Professionally related law

Business Restructuring/Formation, Computer/IT, Intellectual Property, Credit/Banking/Consumer Laws, Education, Economics, Entertainment, Media, Real Estate, International Trade & Customs, Insurance, Environmental/Natural Resources, Human Resources, Business Crimes, Trade Regulation, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Creditor’s Rights and Credit Card Debt, Litigation, Probate/Wills & Trusts

Current legal issues 

Immigration, Amnesty & Asylum, International Diplomacy, Pledge of Allegiance, Right to Life, Gay Marriages, Healthcare, Politics: Government Leadership, Laws of War and War Prisoners, Rape — rights of the victim and accused, Sports Contracts/Drafts, College Sports Recruiting, Campaign Policies, Colorado’s Safe Haven Law, Drought Water Restrictions, Religion v. Politics (ex. communion), Sexual Abuse in the Church, Abortion Rights.



Three Branches of Government, Judicial System, Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Juvenile System, Criminal System, ADR/Mediation, Torts, Bankruptcy, Courts of Appeal, Supreme Courts, Being an Attorney, Being a Judge, Opening/Running a Law Practice, Labor Unions and Employment issues, the Jury System, Legal History of World War II.


Judicial Selection and Retention in Colorado

Interactive presentation created by Our Courts Colorado. The program brings Colorado Judges and attorneys to the classroom to provide an overview of Colorado's judicial merit selection system through an interactive lesson in the form of a mock judicial selection committee meeting.