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July 2014       Vol. 43, No. 7       Page  111
Notices, Products, and Services

Lawyers’ Announcements

July 2014 Lawyers' Announcements
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The Lawyers’ Announcements section is reserved to announce the following:

  • New members to a law firm or legal department
  • Name change of a law firm
  • Formation, merger, or new affiliation of law practice(s), law-related associations
  • Relocation of a law practice
  • Change in job status
  • Retirement or death of attorneys
  • Notices of professional appointment, honors, or awards

Advertisers are responsible for the editorial and graphic content of their announcements.

(Note: A rate increase will take effect with the January 2015 issue.)

Standard Announcements: 

  •  3.5" wide x 3.167" tall
  • Cost:* $150, CBA members; $200, nonmembers

Super-Size Announcements:

  • Vertical: 3.5" wide x 6.4" tall
  • Horizontal: 7.345" wide x 3.167" tall
  • Cost: $275, CBA members; $300, nonmembers


  • Graphics (such as logos) cannot be embedded in Word or WordPerfect files.
  • Send separate digital files electronically in ".TIF" file format ONLY. Resolution: 300 dpi.
  • Photographs are permitted.


  • All announcements have a single 1-pt. border.
  • All announcements are black and white (no color).
  • Advertisers may request a specific font and layout.



  • Word/WordPerfect files and graphics digital files: e-mail to:
  • Mail hard copies of announcements and check to: Gaynor Bloom, The Colorado Lawyer, 1900 Grant St., Ste. 900, Denver, CO 80203.
  • Note: PDF, BMP, GIF, MS Powerpoint, and MS Publisher files (including TIF files created from Powerpoint or Publisher) are NOT accepted.

Payment (must be received by deadline):

  • By check, payable to Colorado Bar Association, mailed or hand-delivered
  • By credit card—contact Gaynor Bloom, (303) 824-5360 or



January Last Monday in November
February Last Monday in December
March  Last Monday in January
April Last Monday in February
May Last Monday in March
June Last Monday in April
July Last Tuesday in May
August Last Monday in June
September  Last Monday in July
October Last Monday in August
November  Last Monday in September
December Last Monday in October
 Announcements received past deadline will be accommodated as space permits.
 Payment must be received by deadline
to secure placement.

Contact Gaynor Ann Bloom, Desktop Publisher
(303) 824-5360 or

Lawyers’ Announcements Rate Changes and Added Sizes
Effective With January 2015 Issue

A rate change in Lawyers’ Announcements will occur effective with the January 2015 issue.

To provide more options, three new sizes have been added. All of the sizes and rates are listed below.

Deadline for the January 2015 issue is Monday, November 30, 2014.

  • Standard: $175 CBA members; $225 nonmembers
    • 3.5" wide x 3.167" tall
  • Super-size: $300 CBA members; $325 nonmembers
    • 3.5" wide x 6.4" tall (vertical); 7.345" x 3.167" tall (horizontal)
  • Quarter-page (NEW): $175 CBA members; $225 nonmembers
    • 7.345" wide x 4.75" tall
  • Half-page (NEW): $300 CBA members; $325 nonmembers
    • 7.345" wide x 4.75" tall
  • Full page (NEW): $600 CBA members; $650 nonmembers
    • 7.345" wide x 9.735" tall

More News re Lawyers’ Announcements

To more widely showcase your announcement, beginning with the July 2014 issue, the Lawyers’ Announcement section will be posted online with the current issue of The Colorado Lawyer at Look for Lawyers’ Announcements in the Table of Contents under "Notices, Products, and Services."


Contact Gaynor Ann Bloom at or (303) 824-5360.

The content of Lawyers’ Announcements is subject to approval and must meet criteria for this type of advertising. Lawyers’ Announcements are distinguishable from display advertising. Contact Alexa Drago ( for information about display advertising in The Colorado Lawyer.

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