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TCL > October 2013 Issue > Read a Book. Write a Review.

October 2013       Vol. 42, No. 10       Page  81
Review of Legal Resources

Read a Book. Write a Review.
Reviewed by

CBA members who are interested in reading a law-related book and writing a review for publication in The Colorado Lawyer may contact Leona Martínez at for guidelines and deadlines. If you have not previously written a review for The Colorado Lawyer, please provide an abbreviated résumé or self-description, stating your areas of expertise and interest. (See published reviews for formatting.) Titles listed below were available at press time. Resources in other media (for example, CD or video) also will be considered for review.

> Annual Review of Intellectual Property Law Developments 2011 (ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law, 2012); 603 pp., plus CD

> Antitrust Law Answer Book 2012–13, Joe Sims et al., eds. (Practicing Law Institute, 2012); 724 pp.

> Arbitration of International Business Disputes—Studies in Law and Practice, by William W. Park
(Oxford University Press, 2012); 771 pp.

> The Complete Guide to Creating a Special Needs Life Plan, by Hal Wright (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2013); 338 pp.

> The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law, by Mark Herrmann (ABA Section of Litigation, 2006); 135 pp.

> Debt Restructuring, by Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal et al. (Oxford University Press, 2011); 459 pp.

> EPA Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book 2013, by Adam Sowatzka and Richard E. Glaze, Jr. (Practicing Law Institute, 2013); 251 pp.

> ERISA Benefits Litigation Answer Book 2013, by Craig C. Martin and Amanda S. Amert (Practicing Law Institute, 2013); 18 chapters

> Essential Qualities of the Professional Lawyer, Paul A. Haskins, ed. (ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism, 2013); 262 pp.

> Financially Distressed Companies Answer Book 2013, by Douglas P. Bartner and Susan A. Fennessey (Practicing Law Institute, 2013); 427 pp.

> Guided Reference in Dependency: An Advocacy Guide for Attorneys in Dependency Proceedings (Office of the Child’s Representative, 2012); 188 pp.

> Lawyers as Leaders, by Deborah L. Rhode (Oxford University Press, 2013); 208 pp.

> A Legal Strategist’s Guide to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice, Johnathan Hudis, ed. (2d ed., ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law, 2012); 424 pp.

> Litigation Logic—A Practical Guide to Effective Argument, by Paul Bosanac (ABA Publishing, 2009); 474 pp.

> The Oxford Handbook of Criminology, Mike Maguire et al., eds. (5th ed., Oxford University Press, 2012); 1,016 pp.

> Post-Grant Proceedings Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, by Oblon Spivak (Practicing Law Institute, 2013); 17 chapters, plus appendices

> Social Media and the Law, Kathryn L. Ossian, ed. (Practicing Law Institute, 2013); 10 chapters

> The Spine for Lawyers, by Samuel D. Hodge, Jr. and Jack E. Hubbard (ABA Publishing, 2013); 744 pp.

> Trademark and Deceptive Advertising Surveys—Law, Science, and Design, by Shari Seidman Diamond and Jerre B. Swann (ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law, 2012); 375 pp.

> Transnational Commercial Law, by Roy Goode et al. (2d ed., Oxford University Press, 2012); 1,045 pp.

> Veterans Appeals Guidebook: Representing Veterans in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Ron Smith, ed. (ABA Section of Administrative Law and Reglatory Practice, 2013); 90 pp., plus appendices

> Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy 2011–2012, Karl P. Sauvant, ed. (Oxford University Press, 2013); 790 pp.

> Zubulake’s e-Discovery: The Untold Story of My Quest for Justice, by Laura A. Zubulake (Oxford University Press, 2011); 459 pp.

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