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TCL > July 2013 Issue > CBA Salutes HonorLife Members

July 2013       Vol. 42, No. 7       Page  33
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CBA Salutes HonorLife Members

The Colorado Bar Association (CBA) has conferred the status of "HonorLife Member" on the individuals listed below. These members have had the distinction of practicing law for fifty years and have had active membership in the CBA for the most recent ten years.

The CBA salutes these members for their exemplary service to the legal profession and for their participation in the CBA. Each of these HonorLife Members receives a free lifetime CBA membership, as well as a certificate of gratitude and recognition.

Donald E. Abram
Douglas P. Allen
Arlen S. Ambrose
Douglass B. Auer
Robert A. Ausenhus
Roland L. Bassett
Richard L. Beal
Paul C. Benedetti
M. D. Biesterfeld
Harlan R. Bockman
Thomas P. Brightwell
Thomas R. Bromberg
William H. Brown
George R. Buck, Jr.
Glen A. Burbridge
Richard O. Campbell
Wilton W. Cogswell III
James W. Creamer, Jr.
Nathan Davidovich
Harold L. Davison
William E. Dawn
Thomas J. DeMarino
Arthur H. Downey
Eugene E. Drake
G. L. Earnest
Terrance L. Farina
Sheldon F. Goldberg
A. Duncan Gray, Jr.
Robert P. Grueter
Jon N. Halverson
Earl C. Hancock
John J. Hanlon
Richard L. Harring
Edwin L. Hartz
John B. Henley
Thomas A. Henry, Jr.
C. W. Herzog
Alden V. Hill
Douglas L. Irish
Alan E. Johnson
Richard W. Kautt
Sandy F. Kraemer
Alvin J. Mills
Arnold P. Mordkin
James R. Nowlin
Kenneth R. Nuss
Richard S. Oldenburg
James M. Rifkin
Paul E. Roberts
John A. Scott
George J. Strate
Katherine A. Tamblyn
Gerald G. Tolley
Richard D. Turelli
Peter J. Wall
Robert J. Wittenbrink
Leo Wotan
Albert E. Zarlengo, Jr.

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