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TCL > May 2013 Issue > CBA Ethics Committee Withdraws Three Formal Opinions

May 2013       Vol. 42, No. 5       Page  27
In and Around the Bar
CBA Ethics Committee Formal Opinions

CBA Ethics Committee Withdraws Three Formal Opinions

At its March 16, 2013 meeting, the CBA Ethics Committee voted to withdraw the following Formal Opinions:

  • Opinion 52: Spouse-Attorneys Representing Clients, Conflicts of Interest, adopted 12/13/1975, addendum issued 1995
  • Opinion 75: Spousal Conflicts, adopted 06/20/1987, addendum issued 1995
  • Opinion 86: Use of Subpoenas in Civil Actions and Proceedings, revision adopted 01/17/1998.

The Committee anticipates that new opinions to replace opinions 52 and 75 will be forthcoming. Formal Opinion 86 has been superseded by the Colorado Supreme Court’s recent amendments to CRCP 45 and its recent opinion in In re the Marriage of Wiggins, 2012 CO 44, Case No. 12SA63?(June 18, 2012).

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