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TCL > February 2013 Issue > Court Business

February 2013       Vol. 42, No. 2       Page  87
From the Courts

Court Business

Visit the related court’s website for complete text of rule changes or proposed rule changes issued by the court. Each court’s website includes corresponding forms, which are not printed in Court Business, and versions with highlights of revisions (deletions and additions). Material printed in Court Business appears as submitted by the court and has not been edited by the staff of The Colorado Lawyer.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado

General Procedure Order Number 2012-4
In the Matter of Electronic Processing of Installment Fee Payments
In Attorney-Filed Cases
Effective December 17, 2012

This matter is before the Court sua sponte to establish a rule in any attorney-filed electronic case that all installment fee payments made pursuant to Fed.R.Bankr.P. 1006(b) be processed electronically with an attorney or law firm credit card through the Electronic Case Filing (ECF) program used by the Court. This requirement is consistent with the e-filing responsibilities of attorneys set forth in L.B.R. 5005-4 and results from the great burden caused through the manual processing of the installment payments made in electronically filed cases.

ORDERED THAT effective December 17, 2012, all installment fee payments due or to be made in any cases filed by e-filing attorneys shall be processed through the ECF program used by the Court.

Dated: November 29, 2012

By the Court:

Howard R. Tallman, Chief Judge
Sidney B. Brooks, Judge
A. Bruce Campbell, Judge
Elizabeth E. Brown, Judge

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