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How to Logon to the CBA Website - For CBA Members

To logon to our site just click the logon button in the upper left of your screen. You will be asked for two things:

  • Your CBA Membership Number (not your Attorney Registration number). You can find this number on your CBA membership card or on a copy of your membership dues invoice. When entering your CBA number, each character will appear as an asterisk.

  • Your password. Your password is the first ten digits of your last name. Do not use suffixes. When entering your password, each character will appear as an asterisk.

For example, Helen Lawyer's CBA membership number is 012345. Ms. Lawyer would logon as follows:

    CBA Membership Number: 012345
    Password: Lawyer

If your last name contains punctuation, remember to use the appropriate punctuation when entering your password. Andrea O'Brien must enter her password as "O'Brien" (without the double quotes).

If your last name is longer than ten digits, please use only the first ten digits. Thus David Romero-Garcia must enter his password as, "Romero-Gar" (without the double quotes).

Still Not Working?

Did you change your information when you were previously logged in on our site? If so, then you must use the user name and password that you have chosen.

If you still can't logon following these instructions, try these quick steps:

  • Check to see that you are using your CBA Membership number NOT your Attorney Registration Number.
  • Make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies. If it is not, you will not be able to log on to the site.
  • Try different variations on your last name if it has recently changed.

If all of these seem correct but you still can't log on, please call the CBA offices at 303.860.1115, or in-state 800.332.6736. Thanks again for your membership!