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LPM Newsletter

September 17, 2014

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Casemaker Libra Launches!

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Tech Tuesday

Cloud Options for Document Back Up, Storing, Remote Access and Collaboration
Phil Shuey
Tuesday, Sept. 26
Noon–12:30 p.m.

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Reba Nance

Colorado Bar Association CLE (CBA-CLE) is pleased to announce the launch of Casemaker Libra in partnership with the Casemaker online research tool.

Casemaker Libra provides an online searchable library of CBA-CLE published titles that are linked directly into the Casemaker online tool. Access to this online library is by annual subscription. (No print publications will be delivered.) There are three options to choose from: the ”All-Publications“ library containing all materials; practice area libraries containing materials in specific practice areas; or just an individual book.

All publications have been enhanced with links into Casemaker, to official citations for cases, statutes, acts, administrative codes, etc. Full-text searching is available across Casemaker Legal databases and all publications included in your Casemaker Libra subscription.

A subscription to the “All-Publications” library includes online access to all supplements, new editions and new titles released during the term of the subscription. A practice area subscription includes online access to the above-listed items within that practice area that are released during the term of the subscription. In addition, a subscription can be renewed after the initial lease period at a significant savings.

Dawn McKnight, the CBA-CLE Publications Director says, ”We’re very excited to be one of the first in the country to offer this service. We know that more of our members are looking for a product that can integrate online research with our substantive legal publications.“

Click here to review the complete selection of books available and for more information.

Questions or comments? Email Casemaker Customer Support or call 1-877-659-0801.

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Quick Tips
Product Reviews

iPhone and iPad Apps and Accessories for Lawyers to Use in Their Practice

podcast with Heidi Alexander and Jared Correia, posted on the Legal Talk Network
New applications and accessories for the iPhone and iPad consistently promise to improve the professional and personal lives of lawyers. However, with limited time and so many options, it is difficult for busy lawyers to keep up with trends and make educated decisions about which products will make their practice more efficien… Read more.

iCloud Storage is Now Much Cheaper

by Jeff Richardson, posted on iPhone J.D.
You can also use iCloud to store your documents created in Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and you can use iCloud to store movies and photos. Also, many third party apps include the option to store files using iCloud, which is a helpful way to share the file between versions of the app on your iPhone and your iPad. Read more.
Interested in cloud storage? You won’t want to miss next week’s Tech Tuesday program with Phil Shuey.

New Legal Technology: Reduced Risk, Increased Flexibility, Automated Systems—Better for Lawyers

by Mary Dilworth, posted on CBA CLE Legal Connection
Wouldn’t it be nice if burgeoning technology resulted in less time in the office and an increase in billings? Automating systems and keeping better track of files and cases has actually resulted in more flexibility and peace of mind for attorneys, even those having to juggle more responsibilities. Read more.


A Simple Legal Marketing Plan

by David Ward, posted on the Attorney Marketing Center
Simple is easy to understand, easy to remember, and easy to do. So when it comes to writing a legal marketing plan, you guessed it, it should be simple. Here’s that plan: ”Two a day“. Talk to two people a day who are in some way connected with your target market. Read more.

Not Your Average Business Plan

by Heidi Alexander, posted on MASSLoMap
Do you have a business plan for your practice? If you are like most of the attorneys I speak with, you don’t currently have one and you cringe at the thought of it. Read more.

Time Management

Everyone Needs a Vacation—Even Solo Law Firm Attorneys!

by Melanie Fischer, posted on SoloinColo
Summer is practically over. Did you put off taking a vacation again this year? If so, rest assured. You’re not alone. Many solo attorneys consider taking a few days off each summer, but ultimately end up either never planning the vacation or cancelling it at the last minute. Read more.

Filtering the Noise: Social Media Time Management Tools

by Jacob Sapochnick, posted on Enchanting Lawyer
By now you know the importance of social media marketing, but how to get it all done may still be a bit of a mystery. Writing a blog post, making a few Facebook posts, working on your email marketing and sending out a handful of tweets can take up half your day if you let it. That doesn’t even take it to account engaging with followers and building a community, which is where the good stuff really happens. Read more.


Should Lawyers Look to Online Dispute Resolution To Resolve Disputes With Clients?

by Carolyn Elefant, posted on MyShingle
Online dispute resolution is rapidly gaining traction. Modria, a leading online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, boasts that its service is used to settle more than 60 million cases annually. Yet even though ABA task forces have studied, and appear to endorse ODR, I’ve not found much mention of the potential uses of ODR to resolve disputes between lawyers and clients. Read more.

Becoming A Happy Lawyer: Create An Ergonomic Work Environment

by Nicole Black, posted on MyCase
Technology has affected 21st century law practice—so much so that computers and mobile devices have become a part of our day-to-day lives. As a result, most lawyers spend hours every day sitting in front of their computers or using their mobile devices. Read more.