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LPM Newsletter

September 16, 2015

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Tech Tuesday

Total Mail Converter Pro
William C. Groh, III
Tuesday, Sept. 22
Noon–12:30 p.m.

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Quick Links

Reba Nance

Mac Resources for Lawyers

If you’re using a Mac in your law practice, you’re not alone. It wasn’t that long ago I could count on two hands the number of lawyers I knew who were using Macs. But that has changed drastically. According to a survey by Clio in 2013, that number has topped 60% for the first time in their survey history. The survey showed 60% have been using Macs in their law offices for two years or less, and nearly half of the respondents stated they had been using Macs for three years or more. Why are they using Macs? Predictably, users say the number one reason is Macs are more reliable and secure.

If you’re using a Mac (or considering switching) here are some resources that will make your life easier:

Check out these resources for information on blogs by Mac-using lawyers, tips for switching from PCs to Macs, software for Macs, and more! A Google search for “using macs in law practice” resulted in 3,540,000 hits which means it’s easier than ever to “make the switch.”

Feel free to contact me with questions at

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Quick Tips
Product Reviews

Wild About Wearables: Fitbits, Apple Watches, and Your Legal Practice

podcast with Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, Legal Talk Network
From Fitbits and Apple Watches to robotic exoskeletons, we have entered the age of wearable technology. While this development has definite implications for a lawyer’s ethical duty of technology competence, it will also change how lawyers use technology in their practices. Having a health app can improve standard of living, but does your Apple Watch actually assist in practicing law? Read more.

Tech Tips for Teams: Smart Collaboration Tools

The Editors at Attorney at Work
We invited law practice management and technology experts to share their favorite tips and tricks for tackling everyday quandaries that can prevent you from keeping your practice humming along smoothly. In the end, of course, it’s all about teamwork — and that’s this month’s Tech Tips 5+ topic. We asked a dream team of law practice technology pros for their best advice on collaboration tools for lawyers. Read more.


Here, There and Everywhere: Basic Tactics for Building Referral Networks

Jared Correia, Mass LOMAP
Last time, we addressed the importance of refining your tactics in attempting to acquire consistent referrals from other lawyers. This time, it probably makes sense to tell you where to develop those relationships with your colleagues, because: it’s one thing to know how to acquire referrals from other lawyers; but, it’s quite another thing to know where to find those lawyers who will make those referrals. Read more.

What Lawyers Need to Know about Online Reviews

Paul Bascobert, Attorney at Work
Many law practices grow by traditional word-of-mouth, but it is tough to stay competitive if you don’t pay attention to the modern word-of-mouth — namely online reviews. According to a study Yodle recently conducted, three-quarters of consumers say having online reviews either sets a local business apart from its competitors or is expected of local businesses. Read more.


Hackers Are Coming After Your Private Data

Eric Sinrod, FindLaw
Is your personal data safe out there in cyberspace? This is the question so many people have been asking lately based on seemingly endless computer hacks. And, unfortunately, the answer to this question might not be what you want to hear. Read more.

Human Resources

When Should I Hire Help?

podcast with Lee Rosen, Divorce Discourse
When should I hire an (fill in the blank)? Fill in the blank with associate, paralegal, assistant, clerk, college student, or whatever. I get this question all the time. I’ve provided an objective number in the past. In this podcast, I explain in further detail and update the information and rationale for my position. Read more.


E-Billing Tips & Trends

podcast with Ken Wineke, Law Technology Today
Discover the right approach, process, and technology you can use to turn electronic billing into a competitive advantage in our latest Industry Insight webinar “E-Billing for Everyone: Tips & Trends.” Read more.

Time Management

Distraction Junkie? Managing Your Worst Time Bandit

Edward G. Brown, Attorney at Work
Bored with the project at hand. Worrying about an ailing relative. Wishing you had help. Anxious to hear if you landed the new client. Hungry. Hot. Unless you are remarkably focused, you are going to be tempted to let your mind wander. Read more.


Things To Learn During Your First Year as a Solo Attorney

Melanie Fischer, Solo in Colo
First it was elementary school, then middle school, then high school, then college, and finally law school. After almost two decades in school, you are probably pretty excited to stop all the learning and begin working and making money! But as most people in any profession know, the learning process never ends. Read more.

What Kinds of Contracts, Agreements and Pamphlets Do You Need to Run Your Law Practice?

Carolyn Elefant, My Shingle
It’s been three years since the first release of the popular e-book, The Art, Science and Ethics of the 21st Century Representation Agreement. For those unfamiliar, the product included various clauses necessary for an agreement to incorporate 21st century practices like outsourcing, unbundling, credit card payment, flat fees and the cloud — and contained ethics support behind the agreements. Read more.