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LPM Newsletter

February 18, 2015

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Tech Tuesday

Google Voice and Other VOIP Options
Hank Vanderhage
Tuesday, Feb. 24
Noon–12:30 p.m.

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Reba Nance


Wouldn’t you love free law practice management forms? Well, I have some good news!

The CBA and the Mile High Chapter of Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) have officially launched the new Forms2Share project. Forms2Share is a collection of law practice management forms that have been submitted by individual CBA attorney members and law firms. The database will include forms related to managing a firm, not substantive law.

All those who donate a document between now and March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day), will be added to a drawing for two $25 Amazon gift cards. Each document you submit will give you an additional chance to win!

Click here to read more about the Forms2Share project on Solo in Colo.

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Quick Tips
Product Reviews

Take-Aways from LegalTech New York

by the Editors at Attorney at Work
Last week, we asked a handful of legal technologists to be our reporters at LegalTech New York. The scoop? Cybersecurity topped the hot topics list (made hotter still with news that another big health-care company had been breached). But security shared the LTNY headlines with Monica Bay—the long-time Law Technology News Editor-in-Chief announced her retirement. Read more.

FREE Webinar: Making The Most Of Your Android Mobile Device

by Nicole Black, posted on MyCase
A complimentary webinar with Jeff “the Droid Lawyer” Taylor, who will show you how to get the most out of your Android device and use it to build and simplify your law practice. Jeff will tell you all you need to know about using your Android device to help you run your law practice. Register for our free 60 minute webinar on Tuesday, Feb. 24, at 1 p.m. MT. Read more.

Revisiting Technology: Speech Recognition

podcast with Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, posted on Legal Talk Network
In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell revisit speech recognition technology, look at the ways people are dictating text today, and discuss arguments for and against using it in your law practice. Read more.

How Lawyers Use Evernote

by Tim Baran, posted on the Legal Productivity
Evernote is more than a note-taking application. I use it to store ideas, recordings, projects, tasks, images, and other information. Evernote allows me to offload my brain and organize my life. And how do lawyers use Evernote? I asked a few Evernote-loving lawyers. Here are their stories. Read more.


Your Checklist for Twitter Success

by Adrian Dayton, posted on Marketing Strategy and the Law
Social-media tools are easy to use. Changing our old behaviors can prove more difficult. To help lawyers make tools like LinkedIn and Twitter work for them and their practices, I’ve put together checklists—daily steps you can take. Recently, we talked about LinkedIn, and this week we look at Twitter. Read more.


What to do if Your Clients Can’t (or Won’t) Pay Their Invoice?

by Melanie Fischer, posted on Solo in Colo
It’s not uncommon for professionals in any industry to be the victim of a non-paying client. When a client doesn’t pay a bill, it can be difficult to decide how to handle the situation. Should you sue the client for the amount owed? Should you negotiate with the client and settle for a lesser amount? Should you just let it go and chalk it up to “a good learning experience”—and vow to never let it happen again? Read more.


Does the Cloud Obviate Disaster Recovery Planning?

by David Horrigan, posted on Law Technology News
Sure, some legal organizations reacted to the disasters by signing up for backup services with off-site data centers in massive bunkers. But “the cloud” quickly was providing more than just backup protection. Read more.

Time Management

Time Management for Solo/Small Firms (Fast Read)

by Joel Rabil, posted on the Law Insider
For an industry that spends most of its time billing in hourly increments many lawyers are very bad at time management. They know how to bill for the time they spend working on a case, but what about the time that they aren’t spending on a billable hour? Read more.


Five Thoughts on the Future for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers

by Jim Calloway, posted on Attorney at Work
In 2014, I spent a lot of time focused on the future of lawyers. So how do I advise solo and small firm lawyers to brace for the future? Here are a few thoughts. Read more.