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Mentoring Program

DBA Mentoring Objectives and Timeline

Participating Organization in CAMP

Objectives of the Program:


I.                   Objectives

a.       The objectives of the Program can be viewed broadly as promoting pride in the profession; excellence in service; and strong relationships with the bar, clients, and the public, through teaching (1) the core values and ideals of the legal profession and (2) the best practices for meeting those ideals.More specifically, the objectives are:

i.      Promote excellence in the practice of law.

ii.      Promote professionalism and collegiality among members of the bar through exercise of ethical and civil behavior.

iii.      Inclusion and involvement of attorneys in the Colorado legal community, including teaching the value of networking and developing mentor relationships.

iv.      Promote high standards for client representation through early instruction regarding competency and the exercise of sound and reasoned judgment.

v.      Promote high standards for client representation through early instruction about best practices, including law office management and legal customs learned from practical experience.

vi.      Promote public service as an indispensable component of professionalism, and instill pride in the profession and the role lawyers have played and continue to play in shaping and preserving our nation’s values.

vii.      Raise the consciousness and sensitivity of the members of the bar to the importance and the role of effective mentoring in promoting the above values and best practices.

b.      While the Program has components that include group activities, an emphasis is placed on the one-on-one professional relationship between the trained lawyer and the Mentee because this is one of the best ways to pass on the values, ideals, and best practices of the profession.


c.       This program is structured intentionally to be decentralized, so that individual groups and organizations, with designated facilitators, can carry out the program on a local level in a manner that fits the needs of the attorneys they serve. Furthermore, it is hoped that by encouraging the development of “grassroots” efforts to conduct mentoring programs, new attorneys will achieve more successful integration with their organization, local bar, or region. Accordingly, although provision is made for mentor pairs to participate in the program independent of an organization, this should be the exception rather than the rule.


New Lawyer Application due to the DBA – December 6

Mentor Application due to the DBA – December 6

Deadline for CAMP to appoint mentors – December 13

Matches by DBA made and Mentors and Mentees notified of match – December 31

Any conflicts with Match due to DBA by January 10

Mentoring Term Begins – January 1

Mentoring Plan Due to DBA (by New Lawyer) – January 31

Interim Report due to DBA (by New Lawyer) – June 30

6 Month participants Certificate of Completion and CLE due to DBA – June 30

12 Month participants Certificate of Completion and CLE due to DBA – December 20

DBA sends certificates of completion to CAMP Executive Director – (6 mo.) July 10 (12 mo.) January 1

CAMP Executive Director to notify New Lawyers and Mentors of approval – (6 mo.) July 31  (12 mo.) January 31