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Resources for Professionalism

Colorado Resources

Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct

The Rules of Professional Conduct govern the actions of all attorneys in Colorado and have been adopted by the Colorado Supreme Court. The Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct have changed effective January 1, 2008.

The Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct have also been adopted with some modifications, by the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado for the conduct of attorneys - D.C. Colo. L.R. 83.6. 

Oath of Admission

The Oath of Admission is taken by all individuals at the time of their swearing-in and admission to the practice of law in Colorado.

Colorado Bar Association Principles of Professionalism 

Colorado/Denver Bar Association Professionalism Coordinating Council

This committee coordinates the association's efforts to improve professional conduct on the part of lawyers and judges in light of the lawyers' Oath of Admission to practice law in Colorado and the reasonable expectations of the bench, bar, and the public. 

Colorado Bar Association, Ethics Committee

Formal opinions are found here on the CBA website.

Ethics Hotline. A call-in hotline for CBA members to speak with a member of the Ethics Committee. Information is located here.

Peer Professionalism Assistance (PPA) Group

The PPA panel offers FREE and confidential assistance to attorneys in resolving professionalism issues between lawyers.  By calling the CBA/DBA offices at (303) 860-1115, any lawyer practicing in Colorado can access an “on-call” PPA panel member to discuss, confidentially, professionalism issues.

Colorado Bar Association/Denver Bar Association, Interprofessional Committee

This is a joint CBA/DBA committee consisting of attorneys and other professionals that seeks to promote better understanding among the professions; prepares statements of principles governing interprofessional relations; and assists in resolving disputes between professionals. It maintains the Interprofessional Code.  

Colorado Bar Association, Legal Fee Arbitration Committee

The Legal Fee Arbitration Committee is made up of about 100 members appointed by both the Denver Bar and Colorado Bar Association Presidents. The committee seeks to identify, and resolve through arbitration, disputes between attorneys and their clients concerning legal fees.

Other Locations for Research on Professionalism Issues

American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility

University of South Carolina School of Law Center for Professionalism

The Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism

Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism