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Bar News

We request your article submissions for Bar News and the "Highlight" page of Bar News for the monthly issues of The Colorado Lawyer. Feel free to choose any combination of items below that you would like to submit for publication and on behalf of your organization:
Bar News (short paragraph):
1. News about recent, past, present or upcoming/future events.
2. News about individual members which include awards, accolades, and honorable activities.
3. Photos and accompanying text that explains the details of the event.
Bar News "Highlight" (1000 words):
1. Stories that deal with lawyer activities outside the practice of law or short profiles of estimable individuals.
2. Stories of a colleague to be "highlighted."
3. Stories about your organization and notable milestones.
4. Print or digital photos of the event.
Helpful Guidelines:
Who - put the event together? Who was the audience?
What - was the event?
Where - was it held?
When - did/will it occur?
Why - is it important for the readers to know about the event? Why was the event offered?
How - was the event executed? How did it benefit others?
Photos - If there are photos make sure names are included and we know who is who (e.g., left to right: Wilma Jones, Fred Smith).
Unless otherwise notified, the deadline for submission is the 25th of every month. If your articles are received after the monthly deadlines and are not time sensitive, they will be submitted in the following monthly issue of The Colorado Lawyer.
Thank you and we look forward to receiving your submissions!