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Criminal Sentencing Project


Mission of Colorado Bar Association Criminal Sentencing Project

This project seeks to have a frank and honest discussion about Drug Policy in Colorado.

The Colorado Bar Association Criminal Sentencing Project seeks to establish a unique partnership of lawyers, doctors, scholars, treatment providers and other professionals to examine criminal sentencing and drug policy issues in Colorado.  The Project seeks to foster the effective administration of justice with a focus on how current policies might be adjusted to more effectively:

  • increase public safety;
  • reduce crime and public disorder;
  • utilize scarce public resources;
  • improve public health;
  • improve access to effective substance abuse and other important treatment programs. 

The Colorado Bar Criminal Sentencing Project recognizes that a growing amount of our state budget is allocated to the capital and operating expenses of the Colorado Department of Corrections.  The Criminal Sentencing Project will explore ways to address this growth rate without compromising public safety.  The Project may establish subcommittees to evaluate specific issues including a sentencing subcommittee, a drug policy subcommittee, and other subcommittees deemed appropriate by the Project.


Committee Organizer: Brian Vicente