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Law Related Opportunities

CLASSROOM SPEAKERS/ We the People - This on-call opportunity involves speaking to students on a variety of topics. Topics may include the generic matters of the Constitution, the three branches of government, the judicial system/history, Brown v. Board, or other history-making cases. Topics may also include the basic laws of your practice expertise for a specific class topic, for example, computer classes may enjoy a speaker about spamming or hacker laws, business class may enjoy a speaker about basic business statuses. Other topics requests may cover hot subjects of the news, for example, insider trading issues (during Martha Stewart's trial). Teacher requests vary and volunteers are ON-CALL as needed and requests are made. If you have a specialty in any of these matters, or one you think might be of interest to teachers and civics classes, please let us know about it!! We will be sending a speaker's inventory form to interested volunteers for completion and return so we may track the repertoire of our volunteers speaking topics with which they are comfortable discussing.


IN-CLASS MOCK TRIALS/ Law Day/ Constitution Day

- Attorneys will volunteer on an as-needed basis with teachers who wish to implement an in-class mock trial in the classroom. Working in cooperation with the teacher based on the teachers' needs and timeline, attorneys may work with students using this program over a period of several classes or in a one-time classroom visit. Materials (scripted and un-scripted) are in development for use by both the teacher and the volunteer to serve as a guide in implementing a simple in-class mock trial. Attorney volunteers may facilitate discussion of legal terms related to trials, the roles of trial players (ex. jury, judge, etc.)or may be simply be asked to speak about trials and how they work. THE VOLUNTEER ACCOMMODATES THE TEACHER'S CLASSROOM NEEDS. Materials will assist both the teacher and/or the volunteer to faciliate a class mock trial scenario for elementary and middle school students. Training on use of these materials will be provided in early September.


 Whether you're a litigator or not, you can conduct Denver Courthouse tours for elementary and middle school students. Court Tour volunteers are on-call as requests for tours come from schools throughout the school year. A call for tour volunteer is made and, based on schedules; volunteers sign up to conduct the tour