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October 2012

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A Brief History of Legal Education in America: From Apprenticeships and Back Again?
Ryan Jardine

Book Review: Defense Attorney-Turned-Author Revives Noir for the 21st Century in ‘Crime’ and ‘Guilt’
James Hardy


Dates on the Docket

From the President: Pro Bono Services at the Core of Professionalism
Jim Benjamin

Giving Legal Advice to Non-Clients—How Far is Too Far?
Heather Coleman

Is your Law Degree Worth it? Make the Most Out of Your J.D.
Becky Bye

Jake Eisenstein Sets Roots in Colorado and the DBA YLD
Matt Masich

Legal Affairs

Legal Legends - A Mentor to All: Al Harrell Offers His Time, Expertise to Young Lawyers
Natalie Lucas

Picture This: DBA Happenings

Presidential Election 2012: The Uniting—and Dividing—Characteristics of the Candidates
Doug McQuiston

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