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July 2011

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2011–12 DBA Governance: Meet Your DBA Officers

A Seat at the Bar: Alec Baldwin Kicks Off Family Law Institute
Sara Crocker

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Dates on the Docket

Legal Affairs

Litigation & Plantation: Attorney Takes Roasting Out of the Courtroom, Into the Coffee Business
Craig Eley

Making a Career Change: Choosing Public Service

New Dawn Journal: Practicing Law in a War Zone
Capt. Jeffrey Sherman

Picture This: DBA Happenings

Profile of the New DBA President: A New President in Bloom
Sara Crocker

Shpoonkle: Justice for Legal Professionals?
Nicole M. Mundt

The Caffeine Blues, Round Two
Greg Rawlings, Marshall Snider

Wellness Brief: ‘Deskercise’ for the Office-Bound
MINES and Associates

Working with the Media: Tips on What to Do When a Reporter Calls
Bob Weiss

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