Denver Bar Association

March 2008

7 Quick, Cheap & Easy Steps to New Clients
Trey Ryder

A Captivating Novel, A review of Nick Arvin’s Articles of War
Paul Kennebeck

A Nudge from a Nudje
Craig Eley

A Tribute to Patricia Trujillo

Backcountry Basics
Christine Nierenz

Barely Legal Columnist Barely Survives
Becky Bye

Concerning Concerning - The misuse of words
Greg Rawlings

Dates on the Docket

Facts We NEED To Know!
Dennis Walker


Kiss Me! I’m Irish! - Your guide to the best Irish pubs and bars in Denver
Doug McQuiston, Tara Miller

Legal Affairs

Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusive Excellence
Kathleen Nalty

MVL Thrives Even in Adversity
Elsa Martinez Tenreiro

On the Bar Tab

Picture This: DBA Happenings

The Marketplace

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