Denver Bar Association

February 2007

“Wheels of Justice” Rides Again
To Benefit Children’s Hospital

Heather Purcell

7 Questions on Taste and Living Life
An interview with food, travel and cultural history guru and journalist, Burt Wolf

Matthew Crouch

Against the Day
Pynchon crafts superb Colorado novel

Paul Kennebeck

Anger and the Attorney
Sonia Brill

Becoming a Successful Rainmaker
Ellen Freedman, CLM

Dates on the Docket


Legal Affairs

On the Bar Tab

Picture This: DBA Happenings

Spoil Yourself at the Spa: Better than a Single-Malt Scotch
Paul Kennebeck

Spoil Yourself at the Spa: Going Metro for a Facial
Doug McQuiston

Spoil Yourself at the Spa: Parallel Bars — Not Just for Gymnasts
Norman Beecher

Spoil Yourself at the Spa: The Perfect Toes
Matthew Crouch

The Joy of SOX
Frank Schuchat

The Marketplace

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