Denver Bar Association

September 2006

"Term Limit Politicos Try to Tip the Scales of Justice"
Dick Ott

2005-2006 Annual Report

Aren’t Bears Colorblind? The trial of Goldilocks at Escuela de Guadalupe.
Mary Frances Nevans

CU Makes History in Legal Education
David Getches

Dates on the Docket

Dates on the Docket - For the Public

DBA Placement Service Celebrates 20 Years
Mindy Marks

Fictional Lawyer Seeks Fairy Tale Romance
Romantically Challenged demonstrates disastrous dating attempts

Christine Nierenz


Legal Affairs
Stacy Chesney

Letters to the Editor

On the Bar Tab

Picture This: DBA Happenings

Q&A: Life Outside Law -- An Interview

The Job’s Easy with the Right Tools
Doug McQuiston

The Marketplace

Tony van Westrum’s DBA Award of Merit Speech

Top Lawyer Flicks: What The Docket learned from them

You Know You’re Married When … The Senate can’t define marriage, but The Docket can

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