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April 2003

A Difference of Opinion: Send comments and questions to
S. Goodsayer

Committees & Departments

Dates on the Docket

His Wife Reads it, Too: What Bill McClearn thinks of The Docket 25 years later
Karen Bries

In the Beginning: Original Docketeer Robert Kapelke remembers the first issue of The Docket
Robert Kapelke

Legal Affairs

Maestro, if you please: Denver Attorney Mark Masters is the voice behind the marching Buffaloes
Karen Bries

Marinating for 25 Years: Take a trip through the past quarter-century of The Docket
Diane Hartman

Picture This: DBA Happenings

The Marketplace

The Starrs Report: DBA President requests your attention
Liz Starrs

Urban Legends Keep on Keepin': A determined attorney tracks down the Winnebago on cruise control
Daniel R. Petersen

Who I Was Then: A little anniversary contest, all in good fun

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