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March 2003

2003-2004 DBA Officers

87 Rules for Deposition Witnesses
Stuart M. Israel

Committees & Departments

Congratulations to the MVL Honorees

Dates on the Docket

In the Footsteps of Pilgrims -- A Balancing Act: Attorney Finds Spain's Soul
Charles A. (Rick) Riccio

James C. Owen, Jr.: A memorial about a great one
David Erickson

Keep Clients in the Loop, You Out of Hot Seat
Trey Ryder

Legal Affairs

Picture This: DBA Happenings

Prez Says DBA Going Gangbusters: Programs’ attendance up; satisfaction high
Liz Starrs

The Dollars Aren't Stretching: Layoffs, budget cuts are imminent for Colorado Legal Services
Jon Asher

The Marketplace

They Also Serve: No matter what side you are on, they fight for us
Doug McQuiston

Treating the Workaholic: Send Comments and Questions to
S. Goodsayer

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