Denver Bar Association

December 2003

A Vord About Forrenn Akzents
Floy Herta Jeffares

A Walk on the British Side
Bob Strenski

Committees & Departments

Court Room Assignments

Dates on the Docket

DBA Seniors Roast for Garth Grisson, Oct.15

Do You Know Who Is reading Your Email?
Peter J. Schaub


I’m Finally Off Probation; Now I Have Something to Say
Michael Sweig

It’s a Chamber Pop World
Greg Rawlings

Legal Affairs

Picture This: DBA Happenings

Teach Legal Writing to My Associates? Didn't They Learn to Write in Law School
Doug McQuiston

The Marketplace

The Waiting Game: Two-fers are a no-no
Paul Kennebeck

Where Do the Children Go? A warm welcome center
Joe Dischinger

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