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September 2013
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From the President: Fit to Practice

by Daniel R. McCune


Daniel McCune

Greetings Fellow DBA Members!

I am very excited about the opportunity to serve you and I look forward to implementing some new programs and practices that will make your Denver Bar Association even more relevant to your practice and your life.

The DBA currently has many wonderful programs and practices in place that I would like to uphold and support. Among them are: Metro Volunteer Lawyers, Wheels of Justice, a focus on Professionalism, and Access to Justice. However, I think possibilities exist to make the Bar Association even better than what it already is, and I would like to devote my term to striving to make the DBA even more relevant to its members.

This past spring, I held a planning conference with many of the bar leaders. I asked the participants to think "outside the box" and come up with fresh ideas to better serve our members,
with special emphasis on serving our newer lawyers and those members who are under-employed or unemployed, and focusing on health and fitness. So many great ideas came out of that meeting that I decided to create a Task Force to focus on implementing those ideas and identifying other opportunities. If you are interested in participating on the Task Force, please contact one of the co-chairs, Ilene Bloom at or Troy Rackham at

My interest in health and fitness stems in part from a national attorney conference I attended several years ago. During that conference, one of the speakers reported on a study that revealed that the average life expectancy of a trial lawyer is 53 years. You could have heard a pin drop among the audience of trial lawyers at the mention of that statistic. Regardless of the reliability of that data, there is no escaping the fact that practicing law, can be quite stressful, which in turn presents myriad health risks. Therefore, one of my mantras this year will be "Fit To Practice."

Some of the ideas that came out of the spring planning conference are already in the implementation stage.


Here’s What We are Doing

Starting on Friday, Sept. 6, the DBA will begin offering complimentary yoga classes to its members. The classes will be held at the bar offices on the 10th floor, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m every Friday.

The July/August issue of The Docket includes a "Wellness Brief" page in which health and fitness topics and ideas are discussed. Look for Wellness Briefs in future issues.

In conjunction with the Young Lawyers Division, the DBA held its first bicycling social on Thursday, Aug. 15. Members biked with colleagues and then retired to a local restaurant for refreshments and socializing. Additionally, Denver’s B-Cycle agreed to donate (free) 24-hour access passes for people who did not have a bike or who did not want to bring a bike to work that day.

The DBA held its first ever spinning CLE class on Thursday, Aug. 29 at the downtown YMCA where Chief Justice Michael Bender spoke to the group about the Rules of Professional Conduct.

I have set up a Twitter account to facilitate our communications. Follow me and share your feedback and ideas on my page: @DBApresident.


Here’s What We are Thinking of Doing

We are in the planning stages of organizing a DBA health fair to help members learn how to live healthier and longer lives.

We are working on creating an app for your smart phones that will allow you to directly access the Colorado Legal Directory.

We are looking at creating a members’ lounge at the bar offices so you can have a place to sit back and get some work done while you are in the area for a meeting, a conference, a trial, or in between appointments.

Other ideas being explored include a possible mock courtroom at the bar office where members can conduct mock trials and practice their skills.

I hope you will take advantage of these new opportunities. Even better, I hope you will lend your time and energy to working with us to come up with—and implement—ideas to improve your bar association!

For my future columns, I plan to communicate my messages to you through the experience of others, rather than simply espouse my thoughts to you every month. So, I intend to publish a series of "fireside chats" that address topics and issues of interest and importance to DBA members. One of my first fireside chat will be with a new member of the bar association who, like many new members, recently found herself as a law school graduate without a job. Through her eyes, we will learn how she was able to use her membership in the bar association to network and ultimately land a job as a successful, practicing attorney.

I look forward to working with you to make the DBA soar to greater heights! D


Daniel R. McCune
President, Denver Bar Association
Twitter: @DBApresident

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