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April 2013
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Test Your Knowledge of the Barristers Benefit Ball

A lot has transpired in the 25 years of the Barristers Benefit Ball. Most important, millions of dollars have been raised to support Metro Volunteer Lawyers, and guests have had a lot of fun doing so along the way. Take a second to see how much you know (or don’t) about the "Lawyers’ Prom."

1. What is the wildest dance move our cameras caught on film from a ball?

a. An unnamed former DBA president doing "the worm."
b. Mark and Pat Fogg dancing "Gangnam Style."
c. Bill Walters and Christy Cutler doing their best zombie shuffles to "Thriller."
d. A jitterbug dance-off between two judges and their wives.
e. All of the above.



2. What is the most money raised from a ball to support Metro Volunteer Lawyers?

a. $141,000
b. $40,000
c. $75,000
d. $88,000
e. $93,000


3. Which of these has been a theme at a past ball?

a. The Ultimate Prom
b. License to Thrill
c. It’s About Time
d. None of the above.
e. All of the above.


4. How many different bands have played at the ball?

a. Five
b. One
c. A different band has played every year.
d. There’s no band, just a DJ.


5. Which of these is NOT a cocktail-hour activity guests have enjoyed at a past ball?

a. Face and body painting
b. Blackjack at the casino
c. Nintendo Wii video games for guests to play
d. Bidding on silent auction items
e. Photos to take home with you and your guest


6. Which of these "characters" has made an appearance at the ball?

a. Zorro
b. Ingrid Bergman’s Ilsa Lund
c. Dorothy’s little dog, Toto
d. All of the above.
e. None of the above.


7. Which of these fabulous prizes has been given away at one of the past ball’s raffles?

a. Private cooking classes
b. Artwork
c. Trip for two to Mexico
d. All of the above.
e. An electric bicycle


8. What hotel chain has been home to the most balls?


9. Identify these famous faces of the Denver legal community (and give yourself a point for each you can ID).



10. What day is the 2013 Barristers Benefit Ball? If you’re going, give yourself 10 bonus points!


1. C. Bill Walters and Christy Cutler danced to "Thriller" as part of the 2012 ball’s Dancing with the Bar Stars: Battle of the Past Presidents dance competition. The crowd favorite, winning the People’s Choice award, went to Walters and Cutler. The Foggs got in on the fun at the dance competition, too, but they were caught "tebowing," not dancing "Gangnam Style." That hit, and the horse dance, didn’t go viral until later in 2012.

2 A. $141,000 was raised in 1995 for MVL at the ball. That year’s theme was "A World Class Evening." Help us try to beat that record-setting number by helping us meet our goal of $25K for 25 years of the ball by contributing at

3. E. Some other notable ball themes were Lights, Camera, Action! The BBB Goes Hollywood; Paint the Town Red; A Capital Evening; A Tribute to Broadway; and An Evening Aboard the Orient Express.

4. B. The Jerry Barnett Orchestra has played at the ball every year since it started in 1989. Although Barnett will mix up his players (and the collective name of the group that plays at the ball), the planners have always enjoyed having Barnett there to entertain its guests.

5. C. Though there’s lots for guests to do, Wii games have yet to make an appearance. However, this year, guests will be able to try their luck by betting on horse races.

6. A. Actors impersonating a variety of characters have shown up at the ball, depending on the theme, including James Bond, Humphrey Bogart, and the Blues Brothers, in addition to Zorro, who appeared at the 2007 Zorro-themed ball.

7. D. These are all prizes guests have taken home in the past. Highlights of this year’s raffle include a pair of Broncos tickets on the 50-yard line, a weekend in Breckenridge, and a round of golf at three of Colorado’s best courses.

8. Hyatt. This year’s ball will be at the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center.

9. A. Former U.S. federal judge Jim Carrigan and former Denver District Attorney and former state Gov. Bill Ritter at the 1994 ball; B. Thursday Night Bar founder and University of Denver professor Howard Rosenberg at the 1995 ball; C. Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Bender and U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette at the 1998 ball.

10. May 4 — also known as Derby Day. You just got a major point boost if you’re planning to go to the ball. We don’t care what trivia you know about the ball, we’re just looking forward to your joining us for a great party for a good cause! You can still get that point boost by logging on to and getting a ticket now!

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