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March 2013
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The Docket's Mission Statement

by Ryan Jardine


or our astute readers of The Docket, you must have noticed an additional caption on our table of contents page in our print edition and online at The product of focus groups, independent investigation, public polling, and deep meditation, this statement: "To educate and entertain the Denver legal community — we hope without being sued," defines the mission of The Docket. The storied, nearly 36-year history of The Docket demonstrates that we have always been very aware of what we were trying to accomplish: a practical and blithe little monthly that keeps you in touch with the Denver legal community and offers insight into the practice of law. We determined, however, that it was time we share with our dear readers what we are setting out to do. Now when you read each issue of The Docket ask yourself two questions, "Was I entertained, even mildly?" or "Was I educated, even the slightest?" If the answer to either of these questions is "yes," we have accomplished our mission — which we consider, very important indeed. We always appreciate your feedback; email us at D

Ryan T. Jardine, The Docket Committee Chair

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