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September 2012
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DBA Communications Survey: Executive Summary: Members Offer Feedback on Docket, D-Brief

by Heather Clark

In February, the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations surveyed its members regarding the CBA and DBA’s communications. The survey sought answers to the following questions: • How do members prefer to receive information from the DBA? • What methods of communication are effective and ineffective?

• What topics are of most and least interest?

• What mobile devices are currently being used?

• What social media platforms are currently being used?

• What improvements can be made?

This executive summary consolidates the survey responses. The DBA takes this opportunity to apprise members of what actions it has taken or will be taking in response to the survey results. To view the full report, please contact Heather Clark at hclark@cobar. org.

Survey Methodology

A survey comprising 41 questions, 10 of which were directed to DBA members, was emailed on Feb. 10 to all CBA and DBA members with known email addresses and who have not opted out of receiving emails from the DBA. The survey also was available via a link on the home page of the DBA website,

The summary data obtained from 650 partially or fully completed questionnaires were tabulated and analyzed by the staff of the DBA’s Communications and Marketing Department. These returns represent 7.2 percent of the DBA membership.

The Docket

Out of 600 responses, 79 percent of respondents look through The Docket each month, and 39 percent immediately look through it. The survey also revealed a “pass along” rate of 1.2, which is the number of people who see each issue, including the subscriber. The circulation of The Docket is 9,000, which means monthly readership is approximately 10,800.

The survey revealed that members most prefer to read about court news and features on judges. The Legal Affairs section and articles on law practice management also are of high interest. The majority of suggestions for future content concerned substantive law topics (not currently covered), law practice management information, and more features on women lawyers and judges. Negative comments were noted about too many travel articles.

In the future, The Docket editor and committee will work to further find diverse contributors and work to shape content that has a broader focus on the legal community.

The majority of respondents prefer to receive the printed hard copy The Docket; however, 37 percent of respondents indicated they would like to receive an email notification each month that links to the current issue. This option was made available for the September issue. The email will contain a list of content, with links to the cover story, features, and items in every issue, such as Legal Affairs.

D-Brief eNewsletter

Seventy-three percent of respondents occasionally read the DBA’s weekly eNewsletter; 34 percent always read it. Topics of most interest are CLE events and court news.

The DBA’s Communications and Marketing Department now includes notices of judicial vacancies occurring in the Denver metro area. D


Heather Clark is the director of communications and marketing for the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations.

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