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April 2012
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In Memoriam: Omer Griffin, Longtime DBA Treasurer


Omar Griffin


embers of the Denver Bar Association were greatly saddened by the news that longtime Denver Bar Association Treasurer Omer Griffin passed away on Feb. 27. He was 91.

Griffin was born in Denver on Nov. 15, 1920 and attended Morey Jr. High School, East High School, University of Denver, and Harvard Law School. He married Penelope Moor, also of Denver, in February 1943.

He was admitted to practice law in Colorado in 1948. He practiced with former Colorado Governor Ralph L. Carr until Carr’s death in 1950. He then served as Assistant Attorney General for Colorado for several years before returning to private practice. He ran a solo practice until 2007.

Griffin served in numerous capacities in the Denver and Colorado Bar Associations, most notably as the DBA’s treasurer for 15 years—from 1979 to 1994. Griffin was honored with the DBA’s highest honor, the Award of Merit, in 1986.

He is survived by his wife, Penelope; two sons, Richard and Daniel, and their wives; two grandchildren; two great grandchildren; two brothers; and numerous nieces, nephews, and their spouses. A service was held on March 5.

Below is a poem, written by the DBA’s Executive Director Chuck Turner, about Griffin (whom Turner affectionately referred to as “Dr. No”), which Turner penned in 1998—the year Griffin celebrated 50 years of practice. Omar Griffin and Chuck Turner

Those were bright and carefree days with Omer at the vault.
Our balance sheets they were secure.
We were never in default.
But winds of change blew through the bar
The trustees were not mute.
“Forget the past, those stingy days.
It’s time to spread the loot.”
A dollar here, ten thousand there,
Up went the hue and cry.
“Let’s spend for this, let’s purchase that. There’s no end of fish to fry”
The trustees and the board conspired,
They did so gnash their teeth.
They rent their garmets,
They wailed and railed, but Omer held the leash.
With tricks and congers all about, they plotted there to reach,
But Omer, steadfast Omer,
He alone, thwarted every breech.
And now the sunshine marks again
our path to fiscal strength.
But out there lies renewed tries
To loot the treasured gates.
So where or when will the courage come,
Since Omer’s stepped aside?
We can only hope, from some new bloke,
Omer’s spirit will multiply.
Please bow your head and nap awhile,
Put fear and doubt to rest.
Somewhere shines, with a blinding glint
Another guardian,
Another Omer,
Another skinflint.


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