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March 2012
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Meet the Bar Stars Dancers: Foggs Hope to Mystify Competition

by Sara Crocker

Battle of the Past Presidents

There are two ways to vote for the Foggs: You can vote in person, based on applause, following their performance at the Barristers Benefit Ball on May 5. You also can vote with your wallet, in advance at, or in person at the ball.

The other Bar Stars Dancers, who also can be supported at, are former DBA and CBA President Bill Walters and his wife Christy Cutler and former DBA President Elsa Martinez Tenreiro and her husband Steve Theis.
Want to know which president will prove he or she deserves to win it all on the dance floor? Tickets to the ball are available at

In April, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro and her husband Steve Theis will be featured. Bill Walters and Christy Cutler were featured in February, and you can read about them at



or one "Dancing with the Bar Stars" couple, the night may be one straight out of a Fred Astaire film—top hat, chiffon, and all.

"I used to love the Fred Astaire stuff with the top hat," said Mark Fogg, one of three past Denver Bar Association presidents who will compete for votes and fundraising dollars at the Barristers Benefit Ball on May 5. "I just love how graceful he could dance."

He will be joined on the dance floor with his wife, Pat Fogg. Other DBA notables and their spouses also have signed on to compete. In addition to the Foggs, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro and her husband Steve Theis and Bill Walters and his wife Christy Cutler will dance in the competition at the ball.

Pairing Bar Stars with their spouses is a new twist on the "Dancing with the Stars"-esque dance off, which last year paired Cyndy Ciancio, Hubert Farbes, Vicki Johnson, and John Moye with professional dancers, who performed their routines in front of a sell-out crowd. This year’s couples will train with the pros in advance of the ball.

When talking about how they got involved with the competition, Pat joked, "He volunteered without my permission."

"That’s not true," Mark said. "I said if Pat’s willing to do it, then I’ll do it."

Despite having some trepidation about dancing in front of hundreds at the ball, the Foggs were in good humor, especially when it came to discussing their outfits.

Pat and Mark Fogg practice at Colorado Dancesport in Littleton.
Pat and Mark Fogg practice at Colorado Dancesport in Littleton.
Fogg Family
Mark and Pat Fogg pose with their children, from left, Mike, Jim, and Becca.

"I’m going to wear a simple blue chiffon and pumps," Mark said.

"You could do that," Pat replied.

"It’s a possibility, he said.

Cross-dressing jokes aside, the Foggs, like most Bar Stars competitors, were coy about revealing too many details about what may be included in their routine. Mark who grew up in Detroit, said Motown has a special place in his heart. He’s also Polish, so polka does, too.

"So we’re hoping to combine those two dance styles," Pat joked. "Motown polka."

Though their routine may be a secret, their influences when it comes to dance and music aren’t.

"We actually like to dance together, but we’re definitely children of the late-’60s, early ’70s, so we dance to that kind of music," Mark said. "We really enjoy it and always said we’d like to get better at dancing, so that’s really why we agreed to do it."

Mark said he is a beginner when it comes to dance.

"Let’s put it this way: We don’t dance together on Friday nights," he said. "That may change."

Pat said she’s less concerned about learning moves for the competition—the speech pathologist regularly takes Zumba classes and can pick up steps easily. She did admit that her main concern when performing is "laughing too hard." Mark agreed.

For those who have not yet purchased their tickets to the May 5 ball, Mark offers an incentive: "to witness public humiliation."

"It’s like seeing us in stocks," he said. "[The ball guests] can throw tomatoes and cabbage at us."

However, when sizing up their competition, Mark, who is general counsel for COPIC and the Colorado Bar Association’s president-elect says: "There’s no question we’ll win."

He added, "I think it’s really fun that it’s all people we know and know well—and people we enjoy a lot." D

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