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October 2011
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Who’s Who, Representing You? Meet the New Members of Your Board of Trustees

Who’s Who, Representing You? Meet the New Members of Your Board of Trustees

Janet Drake Andrew Toft

(left) Janet Drake, DBA Trustee, Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Special Prosecutions Unit of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

Andrew M. Toft, DBA Trustee, solo practitioner.

Docket: If you have free time on a Saturday, what are you most likely doing?

Drake: Skiing or golfing, depending on the season.

Toft: Reading a book—history, science, biography, leadership.

Docket: What is your greatest passion outside the law?

D: Travel.

T: Raising our two sons to be good dads and men.

Docket: What place are you dying to travel to?

D: The Galapagos Islands. I love seeing animals in their natural environment.

T: I am not dying to travel anywhere. I would like to take a cruise from San Francisco to Alaska to see the wildlife, cities, and physical geography of that part of the world. Beyond North America, probably to Central Asia to learn about a part of the world that is completely alien to my experiences at this point in my life.

Docket: What was the last good movie you saw?

D: "The Guard."

T: "Katyn."

Docket: What has been your best moment in the courtroom?

D: I’m still looking forward to my best moment in the courtroom.

T: In a case in Arapahoe County District Court in 1988 or 1989. The judge began nodding in agreement during my opening argument. Seeing that I was making my point(s) clearly was very satisfying. The firm’s client won. D

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