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September 2011
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Study Finds Attorneys a Danger on the Roads—Fair Verdict?

by Sara Crocker

Study Finds Attorneys a Danger on the Roads—Fair Verdict? Angry Driver



haring the road with an attorney or judge may be worse than sharing a courtroom, a study released earlier this year by found. The study, released in February, ranked the top 10 most dangerous drivers by profession, based on those who claimed a previous accident when getting a car insurance comparison quote from the Solon, Ohio-based company.

In the case of attorneys and judges, 44 percent claimed to have been in an accident. “We bet 44 percent of them talked their way out of a ticket, too,” the press release from quipped. The least dangerous drivers were athletes, with only 17 percent claiming a prior accident, and homemakers, with 24 percent claiming a previous accident.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Drivers by Profession
1. Attorney/Judge
2. Financial professional
3. Government worker
4. Bartender or Waiter
5. Business professional
6. Dog groomer
7. Marketing/advertising professionals
8. Barber/Stylist
9. Coach
10. Nurse

So, why are protectors of the rule of law so unruly on the road? “Professionals who demand multi-tasking—being on the phone, moving fast on a tight schedule—are prone to more distractions and, from there, more accidents,” says VP Sam Belden.

Some members of The Docket Committee called foul, noting that as licensed professionals (on the road and in the court), attorneys maintain their commitment to a high ethical standard and may be more honest when getting an insurance quote. There’s no way to be sure from the study, but whether you’re riding with your partner or a Denver Broncos player, be sure to buckle up—you may be sharing the road with one of those nine other dangerous professionals. D

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