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May 2011
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Law Day Art Contest

Law Day Art Contest

he DBA’s 4th Annual Law Day Art Contest took place at the end of April. This year’s theme for Law Day is the Legacy of John Adams, from Boston to Guantánamo. John Adams’ role in the 1770 Boston Massacre trials is regarded as a noteworthy example of commitment to the rule of law and defense of the rights of the accused, even in cases when advocates represent unpopular clients and become involved in matters that generate public controversy. Democracy Education Committee member Jason Cook came up with lesson plans involving the theme. The DBA had several submissions for the contest. 

Winning drawings by fifth graders August Horning (top) and Haley Drake (bottom) depict the Boston Massacre trials. John Adams represented the eight British soldiers and captain accused of murder, and all but two were acquitted.

Haley Drake and August Horning, two fifth graders at Polaris at Ebert Elementary School, are the winners of the art contest. Their teacher, Danny Mey, taught his class the importance of Law Day using the theme and the students worked on the art following this lesson. Runners up, whose drawings are above, are fifth graders J’Lynn Terroade, Emma Coughlin, Rayna McClintock, and JoJo Rita.

Thanks and congratulations to all who participated. D

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