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March 2011
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Meet the Bar Stars Dancers

 2011 Barristers Benefit Ball


our attorneys will be competing outside the courtroom at the Barristers Benefit Ball for a "Dancing with the Stars"-like competition. They will be paired with professional dancers and perform their own routine, going head-to-head in a dance-off, Dancing with the Bar Stars for MVL, at Barristers Benefit Ball. The ball will be held at the Grand Hyatt Denver on April 30. Tickets can be purchased at The event benefits the Denver Bar Association’s Metro Volunteer Lawyers.

The Bar Stars Dancers spoke with The Docket about dancing, the competition and Barristers. The Docket will feature the interviews of two of the dancers this month and two in April.

The Low-Down on the Dancers

Cyndy Ciancio John Moye

Cyndy Ciancio is a shareholder of Donelson Ciancio and Goodwin, P.C., and is leader of its Family Law Group. She also serves as secretary for the Colorado Bar Association’s Family Law Section. 

John Moye is a partner at Moye White and practices in its transaction section. Moye has received the Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year award from the CBA and DBA, and was recognized with the CBA’s highest honor, the Award of Merit, in 2005. He served as CBA president during 2002–2003.

Docket: Why did you want to be one of the dancing Bar Stars?

Ciancio: In the past, I was an MVL board member, and have always been dedicated to helping MVL. My partner, Loren Brown, is the MVL Vice-Chair, and mentioned that I would be a good fit. I thought it would be a great opportunity to help support MVL. I was also asked by [DBA Assistant Executive Director] Dana Collier-Smith, and when she asks you to do something, you cannot say no.

Moye: Because I think I can do a great job, mostly because I got talked into it by a very persuasive member of the [Barristers Benefit Ball] committee who suggested that it would be a good opportunity for me to show off all my dancing skills.

D: What are you doing to prepare for the competition?

Ciancio: I will be training with the professional dancer. Also, our in-house business development director happens to be a former dance instructor, so she will be helping me with my moves.

Moye: I have developed a complete workout regimen that will hopefully give me the stamina to be able to manage however many minutes we have to do this. I fully intend to incorporate some very traditional and excitingly creative steps, which I hope my professional dance partner will agree with me is a good thing to do.

D: What do you think is your biggest challenge to overcome if you’re going to win?

Ciancio: I’m not a dancer and I am severely uncoordinated—not to mention stage fright.

Moye: I’m not exactly sure what it takes to win, so therefore the challenge could be just as much a surprise to me as it could be to you. The [real] challenge will be getting up in front of all those colleagues and performing.

D: What lawyering skills will come in handy when you perform?

Ciancio: Hard work and determination, and that little part of me that says, "I am capable of anything."

Moye: I’m a transactional lawyer, so control is one of my big issues. I think that applies in dancing as well. So, I’m hopeful that I won’t have to talk my way through it, but if I have to I think I pretty well would be able to do that, too.

D: What will your performance have that will blow away the competition?

Ciancio: You will just have to wait and see because I cannot divulge my trade secrets.

Moye: My outfit. I have to have a special outfit designed for this occasion and I can’t really say what it will be, but it will be impressive.

D: How would you describe your dancing style and ability?

Ciancio: I would say I’m more of a cha-cha-cha than a foxtrot or waltz, in terms of style. As far as ability, we’ll see!

Moye: Historically, I’ve been a traditional dancer—the foxtrot, the waltz. When the music is right, I’m an expert at the South Dakota scissor bop. It’s a dance that you’ll only find in South Dakota, by jumping up and down and moving your legs back and forth. It is a really stupid-looking dance, but I am good at it.

D: When was the last time you went dancing?

Ciancio: At our company Christmas party. … I would say it was disco dancing and I did not have a partner.

Moye: Last month. I attend almost every gala that will allow me to attend, and I dance my heart out.

D: "Dancing with the Stars" is known for some elaborate outfits. What will you wear?

Ciancio: I never miss an opportunity to get dolled up. I will have a fabulously fancy dress that flows with my dance routine.

Moye: I don’t think I can [reveal what I’ll be wearing], not at this stage. I’d like it to be a surprise for everyone who’s there.

D: Do you watch "Dancing with the Stars"? Who is your favorite celebrity dancer?

Ciancio: Yes, I do watch the show. My favorite dancer was gymnast Shawn Johnson.

Moye: I haven’t. I’ve caught it out of the corner of my eye sometimes, but I’ve never paid any attention to what actually happens. I do know that Ms. [Bristol] Palin was successful at it, so I’m hopeful that it won’t be too hard for me.

D: For those who haven’t bought their ticket to Barristers yet, why do you think they should come?

Ciancio: MVL is an amazing organization and during this time of economic hardships we as lawyers have an obligation to step up to support this organization and the clients it serves. This year’s theme is going to be so much fun—how often do you get an opportunity to watch your fellow colleagues get up and compete in a physical way?

Moye: This is an occasion not to miss. This will probably be the only time you will ever see the Bar Stars making fools of themselves. It really will be a spectacle.


Interviews conducted, condensed, and edited by Sara Crocker.

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