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March 2011
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Meet Tyrone Glover, Barrister Samurai

by Hon. Kerry Hada, Damian Stone

Meet Tyrone Glover, Barrister Samurai
Mixed Martial Artist Proves Himself a Fierce Opponent Inside the Octagon and in the Courtroom

 Tyrone Glover


ive years ago, Tyrone Glover walked away from a promising fighting career in mixed martial arts (MMA). Although it was early in his fighting career, Glover had already amassed an impressive résumé that included a black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ); an undefeated record while fighting in the Japanese PRIDE Fighting Championships; BJJ American National Champion; and winning the BJJ Pan American Championships, the So Cal Pro AM, and Brian Cimins’ Grapplers Quest West and East.

Although Glover enjoyed competing in mixed martial arts, he wanted to pursue another goal for which he had an equal amount of passion: a career in the legal profession. In 2006, Glover moved from California to attend the University of Colorado Law School, where he earned his juris doctor, as well as awards for his trial advocacy skills. After graduation, Glover served as an extern for Judge Jerry Jones in the Colorado Court of Appeals. Currently, Glover is an associate at Shepherd Law Group P.C., where he focuses on business and corporate law.

Even though he had not competed in five years, Tyrone still had "the itch" to test his mettle in the confines of the Octagon. Thus, on Nov. 12, Glover returned to the Octagon in an event denominated as "The Professionals," a fight card that included 12 bouts between professional fighters from throughout the country. The level of skill displayed by the fighters that evening was on par with anything you might witness in any other MMA venue in the country. After receiving the invitation to participate in this event, Glover spent several months preparing.

His fight was the headlining event, billed as the "Super Fight of the Night" against seasoned MMA fighter Nick Buschman. At the start of the fight, Glover came out aggressively and showed no signs of ring rust. The fighters circled each other and exchanged feints to probe for a weakness in their opponent’s defenses. They then closed the distance and exchanged several flurries of strikes before Glover took the fight to the ground. Once on the ground, Glover was in his element and controlled the flow of the fight, raining down punches and other strikes on Buschman to soften his defenses. Eventually, Glover transitioned into a full mount of Buschman, allowing Glover to obtain an arm bar on Buschman. Rather than suffer a broken arm, Buschman tapped out and Glover won by submission in the first round. Post-fight, Buschman indicated to the ringside official that Glover had broken Buschman’s jaw; however, Buschman fought through this injury until Glover won at 4:20 in the first round.

Since that fight, Glover remains an undefeated MMA fighter. Because he has not fully satisfied "the itch," he intends to participate in more MMA competitions over the next year. To the benefit of his clients, Glover also will continue to bring the discipline and ferociousness he developed while training in MMA to a courtroom or boardroom near you. D

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