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December 2010
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For the Holidays, Give the Gift of Tech or Law

by Mary Dilworth

The holiday season can feel like a potential landmine when it comes to navigating the tricky world of gift giving at the office. Trying to strike the correct balance of price, creativity, and interest can be daunting. We have suggestions that fit a range of prices and personalities for your favorite legal eagle or technophile.

Colorado Bar Association Continuing Legal Education (CBA-CLE) carries legal-themed books that make great gifts, and you can even add in a few extra goodies. “The Little Book of Coffee Law,” ($19.95), plus a coffee mug, and a coffee shop gift card, can make an original gift bag for the coffee-lover in the office. The same goes for “The Little Green Book of Golf Law” matched with a box of golf balls or “The Little Red Book of Wine Law” for the wine enthusiast, paired with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. For the history buff, “Early Justice and the Formation of the Colorado Bar” by longtime CBA historian and attorney David L. Erickson is a good gift choice. It covers more than six historic decades of early legal practice in Colorado. Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs has a new book out on diverse themes in Colorado history, and it also serves as a framework for water law policy. Pick up a copy of “Living the Four Corners: Colorado, Centennial State at the Headwaters.”

With limited space in the office, a digital picture frame can make a great present. One can view his or her favorite photos in a revolving slideshow and only need space for a single frame. Some digital photo frames have to be hooked up to a computer via a USB cable to upload pictures, others give you the option of inserting a camera’s memory card directly into the frame. You also may consider buying a digital photo keychain for someone who is always on the go. These usually are inexpensive, and it can be nice for the recipient to have pictures of the kids when they’re at court or on the road. Although the display is small, many units offer high-quality images. There are numerous retail and online shops that offer digital picture frames; a Google search will let you do some comparison shopping.

Hiking, biking, fishing, driving, and even golf are some of the incredibly diverse activities for which GPS navigation tools are being used. Colorado attorneys are an active, outdoorsy group and these also could make for a great gift. Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom are leading providers of GPS tools that include portable, in-dash, and outdoor units. Here again, prices can range dramatically, with portable models starting at under $100, and more sophisticated units costing hundreds of dollars. Local retailers and manufacturer websites provide full details and pricing.

If you know someone who has always wanted aniPod nano, and who can also use CLE ethics credits, CBA–CLE has a great gift! The iPod nano has been completely redesigned with Multi-Touch – the same technology as the iPhone and iPad, This new model is not only smaller but also easier to use. For a package price of $299 for bar association members, CBA–CLE offers the the iPod nano pre-loaded with seven ethics CLE credits. CLE Pro Tip: Nearly every CLE program we offer is available as an MP3 download, which means you can take it everywhere you go with the iPod nano.

If you know someone who has always wanted to try an e-book reader, the Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi is a good choice for $139. You can shop and download books in less than a minute. Features include no glare in bright sunlight, new and improved darker fonts, a lightweight design, and a battery life of up to one month (with the wireless feature off). Plus, it can hold up to 3,500 books and documents. Amazon offers additional Kindle models at Falling prices and better features make for more competition in the market, with other e-book reader models, including the Barnes & Noble Nook, also available. A search online can bring up comparisons of the different models available. CLE Pro Tip: Read your CLE course materials on your Kindle! CBA–CLE now offers course materials in electronic PDF form and Kindle allows users to forward PDF documents wirelessly to their devices ($.15/MB charge within the U.S.).

The iPad is a tablet computer that includes an e-book reader function . . . and much more! This would be considered a much higher gift level, with a price point starting at $499 for the 16 GB model, but many lawyers would argue the iPad, with its many bells and whistles, has enhanced their productivity. It’s an extremely diverse tool that also includes a movie and music player and a photo display device. Like iPhone and iPod Touch, the iPad is controlled by a Multi-Touch display and uses a Wi-Fi or AT&T data connection to browse the Internet, load and stream media, and install software. CLE Pro Tip: Add the iAnnotate application ($9.99) to your new iPad to create a robust electronic conference notebook. With iAnnotate you can add notes, sketch, highlight, and copy text in any PDF document.


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Mary Dilworth is the Marketing Manager for CBA-CLE.

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