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September 2010
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Katie Mullen’s Gets Two Thumbs Up

Bar Review

Becky Bye, Tara Miller, Marshall Snider, Doug McQuiston, Dennis Walker and Natalie Lucas. 

The Docket Committee took to the streets and found a bustling Irish pub — Katie Mullen’s (1550 Court Pl.). We sat, we ate, we drank and we enjoyed the atmosphere. Here is what committee members had to say about our latest bar review:


"I would say that Katie Mullen’s has a great atmosphere and location for people who work downtown. There are plenty of tables for happy hour groups. It had decent drink prices for happy hour and some great appetizer selections. I would definitely recommend the pub chips. While the other committee members focused on deep conversations regarding politics, travel and Ulysses, I was able to concentrate on hoarding those chips!"

— Natalie Lucas

"Katie Mullen’s lives up to its reputation as an upscale, lively and inviting Irish pub and restaurant. It is the requisite brews on tap, including the brands you’d find in any swankier Dublin establishment, including Smithwick’s, Guinness and Harp, and even Stella Artois for the swells who want a Continental brand. The food also is very respectable. We sampled the Irish nachos (home-made potato chips smothered in sour cream, bacon, tomatoes and chives), as well as other tasty appys. I also enjoyed an excellent chicken and bacon "Boxty." For those unfamiliar with Irish cuisine, Boxty is a delicious potato-based crepe. In this case, it was wrapped around diced grilled chicken, smoked bacon crumbles and veggies, and served with a light sour cream/chives spread. Many local Irish joints serve their Boxty like hash browns — too greasy. This was equal to anything I had in Ireland — nicely baked, no oil or grease residue, very subtly seasoned, and light on the palate. I recommend Katie Mullen’s for a nice lunch meeting or dinner with friends."

— Doug McQuiston

"I first knew it as ‘Finnegans,’ c. 1991, with the staff wearing badges announcing their hometowns (Sligo, Galway, Kilkenny, Derry). Recently, it has proclaimed to be World Cup headquarters. Going back now, I noticed a good crowd along 16th at 6 p.m., outdoors below the Tri-color. Quickly enough, they loaded our high table with several kinds of pizza-wedge-shaped appetizers. I tried the house amber ale, brewed in Grand Junction. Doug McQuiston nursed a Smithwick’s. Marshall Snider drank a Harp. Tara Miller kept things interesting and graciously arranged to set us up with food and drink, and she shot pictures. Becky Bye and others shared good stories. I was engrossed in Marshall’s tales of China. Who gets that kind of time away? Too bad more couldn’t be there. I recklessly opened up discussion to ask about a recent plagiarism story haunting a candidate for governor. We then drifted into several impressions of the cultures of terrorism. I was not expecting the two-hour meter trap, one block away. I fed it my credit card and came back to see that Denver wants another $25 for me having the nerve to visit downtown."

— Dennis Walker

"Katie Mullen’s is a good Irish Pub and conveniently located as a gathering place for people downtown. Food is on a par with the other Irish pubs in town, good choice of beers and happy hour on the beers was a good value."

— Marshall A. Snider

"Katie Mullen’s, a large Irish pub in the former "Supreme Court" bar space, is definitely the place to be for young and not-so-young professionals looking for a cold beverage and some good, slightly eclectic Irish food after work. When I walked in for The Docket bar review, the bar was lively, rowdy and full of life with people of various sorts. I took advantage of the happy hour menu and ordered a nice Irish amber beer, which went down easier than the ice water I ordered. We ordered several interesting appetizers — my favorite was the fried Irish cheddar cheese — essentially the Irish version of Mozzarella sticks. The Docket committee sat at a nice, centrally located table to discuss topics of all sorts, from politics and ‘alleged’ plagiarism to our personal travels to Ireland and Marshall’s more exotic travels to places I’ve never even heard of. Overall, I had a great and eventful time on a Wednesday night at Katie Mullen’s with The Docket crew, when I would otherwise have a mundane evening at home after work. Additionally, the cheap food and beer made the night that much better."

— Becky Bye

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