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April 2010
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Docket Committee endorses member for Governor

At an April 1 Docket Committee meeting, Malcolm Hendershot, a long-time member and dear friend, told the Committee he wanted to run for Governor of Colorado. After an explosion of applause (and a few tears), the committee voted to endorse Hendershot. Here are their inital thoughts on why you, especially as a DBA member, should vote for Hendershot on Nov. 2.

"Malcolm has a great sense of humor! He’ll tickle your ribs, not break them!"
— C.C. Early

"Malcolm ‘Hammerhead’ Hendershot is one of those brilliant lawyers and politicians who can pull defeat out of the jaws of victory. A creative administrator, ‘Hammerhead’ Hendershot is credited with taking casual Friday another step forward by advancing the idea of ‘Bermuda Short Thursday’ to the delight of office workers everywhere."
— Bob Nexis

"I’ve known Malcolm since I joined The Docket Committee in 2007. I find his life story to be inspiring and intriguing. Did you know that not only is he a distinguished lawyer and (hopefully!) our future Governor, but he’s a champion skier, having gone to five World Cups and two Olympics in the ‘80s, among other notable competitions? He’s truly an ‘attorney’s Governor’ as well as the ‘people’s governor’ for Colorado. I couldn’t respect him more."
— Betty Byson


"Malcolm Hendershot has the qualities The Docket Committee considers vital to the office of Governor of Colorado. He does not ride a bicycle, and will therefore be able to give his full attention to the job, rather than lollygagging around in a hospital with broken ribs. He has received endorsements from the Democratic Christian Socialist Party, the Constitutional Anarchist Party, the Liberal Social Centrist Right Wing Leftist Party and the Tea Party (although he has rejected the Tea Party endorsement, which demonstrates that although he is willing to be supported by wing nuts, even this willingness has its limits). He also is supported by AIG Insurance, General Motors, Lehman Brothers and the Balanced Budget for America Political Action Committee, indicating either that he appeals to a broad range of interests, or that no one knows what the heck he stands for. In short, Malcolm has the warped sense of humor peculiar to The Docket Committee, which will help him to successfully navigate public life. Malcolm doesn’t give a hoot whether anyone likes him or will eventually vote to re-elect him — he just gets the job done."

— Jory Zout


"I’m backing Hendershot for Governor, you won’t find him in the pocket of the special interests. Come to think of it, you probably won’t find him at all!"

— D. M. Bagpipe

"First off, he makes a mean lemon meringue pie. Mr. Hendershot is highly qualified for the Governor’s office with all the experience he gained as spring semester secretary for his seventh grade class. Let’s not forget that he has a medical marijuana license. He’ll know exactly how to deal with these pot dispensaries popping up. But what I like most about Mr. Hendershot is he’s really in touch with the Colorado citizens. He has neighbors, knows some elderly people, spent three weeks in jail in November for an undisclosed and sealed matter. He also has three ex-wives and tips his paperboy during the holidays."

— C.W. Woodering

"He’ll let us protect ourselves from ourselves any ol’ way we want."

— Mela Dram-Attick

"Mal and I go way back. First, we were kicked out of Sunday school together in 1969 — trust me, Sunday school is no place to cheat at poker. Then, we attended the same junior high, where Mal mimeographed a beginner French class newletter, titled "Mal de Mer." Of Mal’s high school career, the less said the better. College, law school — we lost touch for a few years. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that we fell back in together. He’d changed by then: well-shaven, finely coiffed, sporting club ties and Brooks Brothers suits. He had, it seems, discovered politics, the only profession lower than the law, he explained to me over icy bourbon at Don’s Mixed Drinks. I personally can’t imagine a better candidate for a state full of stoners. And you have to love the campaign slogan: "Be content with Mal, not a malcontent with those other guys!"

— Reg Drawling

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