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March 2010
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Bar Review: Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Café


Docket Committee members and guests enjoy a unique and tasty menu at the Cheeky Monk Belgium Beer Café in Denver. From left, back row: Tara Miller, Christine McManus, Suzanne Snider, Marshall Snider, Dick Ott and James Garts. Front row: Natalie Lucas Mariya Barmak and Becky Bye.

The Docket Committee visited the Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Café after work on Wednesday, January 27. For what it’s worth, our reviews:

"The dark wood decor and small bar give the Cheeky Monk a very comfortable pub feeling. The beer menu is extensive, although we hadn’t ever heard of the majority of these brews. Most of the beer descriptions have the word ‘fruity’ — many also specify the nature of the fruit. For the purists, there are a couple of selections that tasted like beer (as we know it in the states). One nice touch — whichever named beer you order (care to try the ‘Delirium Tremens?’), your selection is served in a glass imprinted with the name of that beer. A nice touch, but confusing when they run out of the DT glasses and serve your drink in a mug that says ‘Banana Amber.’"

— Marshall Snider

"This was the first time I can remember seeing everyone sharing each other’s drinks to sample all the rich flavors. How cool! Loved how all our drinks were etched on the glass, so we could remember names of the great flavors. The seating area isn’t too loud or too quiet, which lends toward great conversation. Loved the dark, hand-carved, gothic wooden chairs and the lighting. If you like street theater and unusual people-watching, get a table in front. Otherwise, you could probably ask servers to draw the beautiful red velvet drapes, or get a table toward the back. Unless you are an experienced navigator of Colfax night life, you might sport a downtown facade when traveling to and from the venue."

— Christine McManus

"I thought it was a great place and well located. Unlike downtown and LoDo (which are only blocks away), there is plenty of street parking just steps away from the restaurant (free after 6 p.m.). The restaurant has a great and somewhat eclectic beer list, which, as a beer lover, definitely draws me in. The apps we shared were delicious but perhaps slightly overpriced for my taste. My favorite appetizer has to be the simple but tasty frites."

— Becky Bye

"The Cheeky Monk is an enjoyable bar with unique beer and appetizer choices. The frites were the best part of our munchies. The other dishes came in European portions and weren’t all that unique or exciting, but still very tasty. Service was excellent and the atmosphere was relaxed, even with the Colfax crawler doing a little dance for us outside the window. All in all, it was a great experience and I would recommend it for happy hour or dinner."

— Tara Miller

"Great food. However, the people peering into the windows were strange."

— Mariya Barmak


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