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February 2010
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Locally Designed Smart Phone App Renovates Process Serving


Made in Colorado: CivilMap: A handy dandy tech tool using GPS for process serving
Release date on iPhone: Dec. 15, 2009
Release date for other smart phones: 2nd half of 2010
Cost: $150–$400
Consumer Response: overwhelming, global, successful
Owner/Inventor: Mike Kingery of Montrose, Colo.

Background: This smart phone application, CivilMap, helps document process serving in real time.

By using the application on their phones, process servers in the field can now send data and audio records, complete with time stamps and GPS location. The field information is sent to a database, which is accessible to attorneys.

Before inventing CivilMap, owner Mike Kingery worked in the finance industry in Denver. He moved to Montrose, and was looking for a transition out of commercial lending, when an attorney friend suggested that he start a process serving company.

As a process server, he said he found common inefficiencies in the industry. He began working with some developers and built the CivilMap app. He then filled out forms and sent them to Apple’s iPhone apps department. iPhone launched the software on Dec. 15, 2009. The cost to consumers is tiered, so that solos and large firms can invest in the tool.

How has the response been since the iPhone app launch?

“It’s so popular, it’s actually scary. We’ve got lots of work now,” said a joyful Kingery. “I can’t believe no one has come up with a solution like this before.”

Kingery has filed an application for a U.S. Patent. Already, leaders of the Colorado and National Associations of Process Servers have contacted him.

What does the future hold for CivilMap of Colorado? Lots. Kingery says the tool should be available for other smart phones by year’s end.

CivilMap has locations in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Montrose, Denver, Pueblo and Salt Lake City. Kingery’s goal is to build a national network of process servers that use the software. The network would serve attorneys with a familiar name and standard procedures that take the doubt out of the service of process. Look for CivilMap to sponsor DBA-related charities.

— Christine McManus

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CivilMap streamlines the serving process for lawyers with these advantages: 
  • Rules of Civil Procedure provided for each service
  • GPS (Global Positioning Service) data with each service
  • Three layers of security against gutter services
  • Affidavits created automatically seconds after a completed service
  • Alarms for due dates and court rules
  • Complete reporting on each attempt
  • Access to information as it occurs
  • Standard operating procedure followed on each service
  • Systemic reduced risk of human error
Currently when a client is served, the server goes out to the premises with a piece of paper. The server fills out the information as it is happening. This person may or may not have legible handwriting. The server transfers the information to the process server company, usually via fax or e-mail.
When the information is received by the process server company, someone deciphers the information and proceeds to reenter the information into a form, then sends the information to the attorney. Days and perhaps weeks can elapse during this process. This process is riddled with human error as the same information passes through different interpretations. There is a more efficient way.
By using technology, we have developed an iPhone app that allows the serving process to be documented. When the service begins, the GPS location is recorded, there is a time stamp as well as an audio record. This information is automatically entered into a database. Instead of settling for an inefficient paper-based serving system developed hundreds of years ago, take advantage of today’s advanced digital technology.
You can contact CivilMap at (970) 497-0440.

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