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December 2009
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To Do in 2010: Take a Pro Bono Case for MVL

by John Baker

December 1, 2009

Dear Colleague:

In November 2005, Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey invited each of us to aspire to meet the goal of the Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1, by completing at least 50 hours of voluntary pro bono public service each year. She also announced that the Colorado Supreme Court would begin to publicly recognize each firm or sole practitioner that adopts a pro bono policy with the two following elements:

(1) That each licensed attorney is, on average, expected to reach an annual goal of completing at least 50 hours of pro bono service; and

(2) That the firm will value pro bono service, for all purposes of attorney evaluation, advancement and compensation in the firm, as the firm values compensated client representation.

In keeping with this effort, we are personally asking you, as a practicing attorney and member of the Denver Bar Association, to accept at least one pro bono case in the coming year, on behalf of Metro Volunteer Lawyers.

Not only will you receive CLE credit for your service, but such a commitment will assist you in meeting Chief Justice Mullarkey’s challenge. To learn more about MVL, visit the website at The DBA helps fund MVL programs and provides attorney volunteers to assist clients. The DBA’s designees to the MVL Board include Rocco Dodson, Steve Hahn, Rich Harris, Jon Nicholls, Jerremy Ramp and Elsa Martinez Tenreiro.

MVL has a case ready to be assigned to you. You can even volunteer for specific dates through the Family Law Court Program (FLCP). If you have any questions, please call MVL’s Executive Director, Dianne A. Van Voorhees, at (303) 866-9378. To indicate your willingness to accept a pro bono case and/or to volunteer for the FLCP, please complete a sign-up sheet and send via e-mail, or fax (303) 837-0019, or by mail at 1905 Sherman Street, Suite 400, Denver, Colorado 80203. MVL and the DBA will list volunteer attorneys and firms in our newsletters each month during the next year.

Thank you for your time and generous service.

John T. Baker
President of the Denver Bar Association

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