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December 2009
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UPDATE: DPS–DBA Guest Teacher Initiative

"The DBA’s legacy of community involvement is among the most extensive of any professional group in Colorado."

– John Kechriotis, General Counsel, Denver Public Schools, The Docket, Feb. 2009

Denver Bar Association Past President Mark Fogg works as a guest teacher in the fourth grade at Greenlee K-8 School in Denver. After Ramona Perez-Irish, right, finished her turn reading on March 31, 9-year-old Davi Albury, center, raised her hand hoping to be next.

Photo by Kathryn Scott Osler, courtesy of The Denver Post.

Help Maintain the DBA’s Legacy

To keep the momentum going, new guest teachers are needed. If you are a DBA member, you do not need a teaching license. Denver Public Schools desperately needs nearly 400 substitutes per day and is asking attorney guest teachers to step into the classroom two days per year.

Commit to get in the Classroom

Out of 180 original volunteers, about half have stepped into the classroom so far as guest teachers. Contact DBA’s Meghan Bush at or (303) 824-5303 to spend a day as a guest teacher. We need more volunteers for the dates below because DPS teachers will be attending professional development seminars. Several more 2010 dates will be confirmed soon.

- January 12 (half day, 11:30–4 p.m.)
- January 26 (half day, 7 a.m. to noon)
- January 28 (all day, 7 a.m.–3 p.m.)
(30 volunteers needed!)

Training Helps

Guest teachers have reported that this training helped them navigate the discipline curve from the start. An optional training, hosted by Denver Public Schools, is on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 7:30–9:30 a.m. at the CBA offices, 1900 Grant St., Suite 900. Please RSVP to Light breakfast served. Parking validation in attached garage will be available.

Special Thanks To ...

Thanks for all of the support to everyone who has participated to date. DPS General Counsel John Kechriotis and DBA leadership also want to give a special thanks to those attorneys who have gone into the classroom to guest teach during March to November 2009. These superb volunteers are listed below.

Alison Berry, Alison Kilmer, Amber Elias, Amy Loper, Andy Volin, Angelina Kastroll, Annie Harris, April Hummel, Bill Duffy, Bob Bruce, Brad Hill, Brandi Pummell, Brent Case, Bridget Sullivan, Carly O’Connell, Carolyn Abrahams, Carolyn Fairless, Casey Quillen, Chad Gillam, Charles Garcia, Christopher K. Miller, Christopher Turner, Colene Robinson, Craig Knobbe, Dan Pabon, Danielle Urban, Dave Camp, Dave Zinger, David Ford, Deborah Buckley, Dee Wisor, Diane Davies, Don Jacobson, Doug McQuiston, Duncan Griffiths, Elizabeth Leith, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro, Ema Garcia, Emily Walker, Erich Bethke, Frank Schuchat, Greg Tiemeier, Holli Hartman, Jackie Engel, Jacqueline Murphy, Jane Harm, Janet Frickey, Jayme Moss, Jeff Pond, Jerry Harrison, Jessica Allen, Jill Lafrenz, Jim Underhill, Joanne Herlihy, John Seidel, Joseph Sanchez, Josh Crawley, Julie Haines, Karl Geil, Kate Schroepfer, Kathrine Gerth, Katherine Kelley, Kaydee Smith Myers, Kenneth Peck, Kristen Van Ryswyk, Leslie Fields, Lindsay Hutchinson, Lorni Sharrow, Marixa Frias, Mark Collier, Mark Fogg, Maxine Vasil, Meghan Saleebey, Michael Hickman, Michael Carroll, Monica Rosenbluth, Niceta Bradburn, Niccole Brennan, Nora Kelly, Pat Coan, Peter Krumholz, Randy Livingston, Richard Murray, Sam Niebrugge, Sara Cantrick, Sheila Rappaport, Sheldon Friedman, Stephanie Mann, Sybil Kisken, Tami Tanoue, Teri Scott, Terry Miller, Tiffany Gingelbach, Thomas Dougherty, Venkatesh Iyer, William Godsman and William Hood.

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