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November 2009
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Hip Replacements Run Down a Dream at Battle of the Bands

by Natalie Lucas

Attorneys and community members joined together, on the evening of Sept. 23, under the disco ball at La Rumba in the Golden Triangle downtown to hear friends and fellow professionals perform in the Denver Bar Association Battle of the Bands.

Five bands made it to the final competition. The Hip Replacements (pictured right), the Downtown Girls, Togad, The Propane Daisies and Not Mona Lisa battled for the title of the best attorney band in Denver. Most lawyers can claim only vicarious musical talent through video games such as "guitar hero," but these bands had true musical abilities.

They played not only to win the coveted title, but to inspire their peers and raise donations for the Children’s Outreach Project. The nonprofit organization provides education to low income children with special needs. Executive Director Stephanie Bauer said she was pleased to partner with Denver Bar Association for the event.

"Our mission is to provide a quality integrated education to all children," Bauer said. "Our belief is that it is better to build children than to repair adults."

Organized by the DBA’s Community Action Network, the inaugural event raised donations through admission sales and raffle tickets. Raffle packages such as a "Cheeseburger in Paradise," for example, included gift certificates to the best burger joints in Denver.

The Hip Replacements, playing classics such as Stevie Wonder’s, "Superstitious," won the title.

The Hip Replacements, playing classics such as Stevie Wonder’s, "Superstitious," won the title. Several of the band members met in 1995 when they worked for the same law firm. The band’s name was originally "Mulligan," but band members changed it when they became chronologically challenged. According to band member Andy Engeman, they find time for their music during their busy work-family schedules because they "could not live without it."

The night began with the Downtown Girls, an all-women band. Cindy Karr said that the band was motivated by country singers. The lady musicians impressed the crowd with their own songs and lyrics.

Also playing was Togad, which included administrative law judge Rob Socolofsky. Togad was inspired by rock and roll classics such as Dire Strait’s "Sultan of Swing."

The Propane Daises boasted of their own genre of music called, "alt-garagicana." Eric McLennon came off the stage bleeding and with a broken string. He said that wouldn’t stop the band from playing its innovative genre of music at local venues such as the Skylark Lounge and the Oriental Theater.

Not Mona Lisa began its set with an evocative version of "Landslide," by Stevie Nicks. AnaLisa Valle, the lead singer, said her experience with the band has helped her bond with the partners at her firm and clients who also dabble in music.

Although not all attorneys have the time or talent to be rock stars, the Battle of the Bands reminded everyone that sometimes it is good to stop and listen to the music.

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