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September 2009
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Lending a Helping Hand: Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers

by John Holt

For an inspiring outlook on recovery from drug/alcohol abuse, I highly recommend the book, Spirituality of Imperfection by Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham. I often refer back to this book, after first reading it some time ago. I really appreciated how the authors explore all spiritualities and traditions, finding an appeal in each.

This more-than-philosophical text shows how we can get out of the mental, selfish trap that sometimes overtakes us. The ideas, and the way they are presented, are so digestible because the authors help you realize and accept that no one is perfect.

Then, the authors take it a step further, to suggest that we are all hardwired for spirituality. Instead of denying that or ignoring it, we can open up to our spirituality. It can then guide us in life to feel better about who we are and why we are here. It all depends on how you work within that context. No spiritual tradition is exclusive — that’s what appealed to me about this book.

When You or Someone You Know Needs Someone to Reach Out To

The Peer Assistance Program is provided by Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers, Inc. This is a lawyer-to-lawyer program supported by the Colorado Bar Association and is available to all lawyers, judges, and law school students and graduates. To reach out, the program uses confidential peer support, education and referral. The peer support program offered through CLHL does not provide treatment or evaluation services; those services are available through the Colorado Attorney’s Assistance Program (CAAP). Visit for meeting times, locations and other helpful information.

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