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July 2008
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7 Questions with Wally Amos on Being Positive

by Matthew Crouch

Wally Amos may appear to be one tough cookie when it comes to dealing with lawsuits. Having been sued and losing everything, including his own name for a while has allowed him to gain insight as to how to be positive — even when the chips are down. Wally is an author, inspirational speaker, businessman and one of the greatest cookie-makers in world. Originally born in Florida, he now lives in Hawaii.

Photograph by Dana Edmounds

Denver Docket:

What does being positive mean to you?

Wally Amos: It is seeing everything in my life work together toward the good. It is seeing the good in every situation. It is being a positive result in every encounter that I might have. In every experience in life, we as humans have the choice of how we perceive life. If I perceive it from the attitude of, "I am going to do my best and everything is going to be fine," then that is what I get and that is being positive. With understanding that and being real, it pays to be positive.

DD: Can people pretend to be positive but really not be?

WA: You can’t be successful in doing that. Because sooner or later, it will be revealed that you are not being truthful. If it is not coming from your heart then it is not real, and it will not be received. People try but it always fails. If you say that you are one thing but you are not, that essence of you will make people flee from you. Ralph Waldo Emerson has a quote that articulates this: "Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying."

DD: By being positive, do you attract positive people toward you?

WA: Of course you do, like attracts like. That is one of the great advantages of being positive. You attract what you are. If you are a positive person, then you will have positive experiences and other positive people in your life. People sometimes don’t understand that life is really a mirror. The things and people in your life are just a reflection of what you are feeling inside of you. It is how you deal with those reflections that can affect you in a positive or negative manner therefore bringing about either more positive or more negative reflections.

DD: Is there ever a time that a person shouldn’t be positive?

WA: I don’t think so! If your life is a reflection of your thoughts, why would you want to have anything other than positive thoughts? You might not believe that your thoughts create your reality but they do. Scientists have proved this so many times. What you think and do is reflected and comes back into your life. Be positive, it can’t hurt!

DD: From your book "Positive Thinking," you mention, "Our suffering (in life) is caused by a learned reaction of fearing the inevitable changes in life rather than embracing them." Do you think having a positive attitude eases this?

WA: Yes! If you have a positive attitude, you will embrace change better. Change is good for you. Change is a given in life. Change is frightening. We as humans and even lawyers want certain things to stay the same. We want things on a continuum line but that is impossible. You and I are different right now from when we started this conversation and so is the person who started reading this article. The only thing that life offers is change. People have come to believe that change is bad, but change is actually growth.

DD: Is there an easy way for people to add positive ways into their lives?

WA: I don’t have the perfect answers for anybody else. All that I have ever attempted to do is every day be the best Wally Amos I could. People know how to be positive naturally, they just have to exercise it.

DD: What is your favorite law and why?

WA: I think I go back to universal laws for my favorite. Remember the universal law that giving is receiving. "What you give to the universe, it will be given back to you." That is very beautiful, very definite and it really works. It is a law that transcends human law. The Supreme Court has the power to change a law in a book but no one has the power to change the law that giving is receiving. That universal law is amazing when applied. Aloha, my friends.

For more information about Wally Amos and his cookies & books, go to:

Matthew Crouch fancies practicing law one day in a traditional fez, red smoking jacket and a pipe. He is currently learning the lost art of cattle punching utilizing the Marquis of Queensbury rules.

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