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April 2008
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Picture This: DBA Happenings

Happy 15th Birthday!

The DBA Lawline 9 program celebrated its 15th anniversary on Feb. 6. This is a weekly program where attorneys field legal questions from the public. Lawline 9 would not be possible without the partnership of 9News and the program’s champions, Ann King and Paula Woodward. Ann, Paula and the 9News team have successfully developed a program that works. They welcome each volunteer, provide food and beverages, give tours of the studio, and are quick to attribute the program’s success to the work of the volunteers. There are 222 attorney volunteers for Lawline 9 and up to six staff the phones each and every Wednesday — rain or shine! A special thanks to all involved. Happy 15th!

A Pin For Him — Past Prez Recognized

Past President Chris Little (left) and Immediate Past President Paul Chan pose for a picture after Little presented the Past President's pin to Chan.

The DBA Past Presidents’ Dinner was held Feb. 26 at Palettes in the Denver Art Museum. This annual event brings together past DBA Presidents and their guests for an evening of socializing and camaraderie. At the dinner, Past President Chris Little presented a pin to Immediate Past President Paul Chan.





GW Dominates Denver Mock Trials

Two teams from George Washington High School won the Denver Regional Mock Trial Tournament, which was held Feb. 22 and 23 at the U.S. Bankruptcy Courthouse. These teams will advance to the state tournament in Fort Collins on March 14 and 15. Other schools that participated in the Denver Regional Tournament were: Kennedy High School, La Academia, Denver School of Science and Technology, Denver North High School, and Bollman Tech. The DBA Public Legal Educations Department wants to thank our volunteers for their time and dedication to this tournament. Volunteers who participated in 2008 Denver Regional tournament are: Hon. Julie Anderson, Hon. Angela Arkin, Dmitry Bam Esq., Shannon Becker Esq., Barbara Biondolillo, Derek Blass Esq., John Bolmer II Esq., Hon. Sanford Brook, Hon. Dave Cain, Sara Cantrick Esq., James Carr Esq., Christopher Cessna Esq., Leanne DeVos Esq., Mark Donovan, John Faught Esq., Art Frazin Esq., Michelle Gersic, Jerith Gronski, Hon. Robert Hawthorne, Hon. Kathleen Hearn, Hon. Carol Haller, Tom Henson Esq., Craig Hess Esq., Brad Hill Esq., Cheryl Hinton, Jody Hobbs, Matt Holmes Esq., Barbara Jenson Esq., Deborah Johansen Esq., Sheryl Kamicar, Hon. James Klein, Brian Knudsen, Nancy Kostro Esq., Rob Kristufek Esq., Lisa Lara, Marian Lee Esq., Porya Mansorian Esq., Marcy McDermott Esq., Garth McCarty Esq., Jamie Mulholland, Blake Pickett Esq., Jeffery Pond Esq., Janet Price, Brad Ramming Esq., Chris Rockers, Mary Roudebush Esq., Marisa Showalter, Laura Schuck, Sarah Scott Esq., William Searfoorce Esq., Dana Collier Smith, Stephen A. Smith Esq., Hon. Peter Stapp, Jennifer Tibbitts Esq., Laura Tighe Esq., Steven Theis, Donald Trinen Esq., Demetria Truijillo Esq., Amber Vanden Hout, Maddie Vines, Scott Wesley. A special thanks to Brad Bolton, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Clerk, and Hon. Sidney Brooks for their hospitality.

From the mouths of DBA staff…

Name one place in the world you want to be right now.

"Palm Springs, Calif.. It is warm, never snows, and is always green."

— Richard Dyrland, Sections & Committees Admin. Assistant

"The Moon, because not many have been there, it's mysterious, and how tranquil would that be?"

— Heather Clark, Director of Marketing

"Hiking in the mountains with my dogs. Why? Four words—we live in Colorado!"

— Mel Reveles, Director of IT

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