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March 2008
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A Tribute to Patricia Trujillo

Compiled by Tara Miller


For 19 years, Metro Volunteer Lawyers staff member Patricia Trujillo has worked to help others. She has worked to help the needy and poor in the Denver metro area find legal assistance when they needed it the most. Patricia has met many people during her long journey with MVL and a few of them wanted to share good words on how important it is to have someone like Patricia in the legal community.


Pat is certainly deserving of special recognition. She has been a tremendous asset to MVL and a joy to know and work with these many years.
~ Randall C. Arp, District Court Judge

Patricia is one of those people who you know you have been blessed to know and work with. She inspires us all with her caring, dedication, and generosity, and does it all every, single day with a smile. I am a better lawyer and human being because of her. Thank you, Patricia!
~ Richard A. Harris, President, The Harris Law Firm

Patricia has very high standards. She expects 100 percent from herself and gives 100 percent to her job and to the people around her. She does not seek any reward outside of knowing that she has done what she intended. Her main duty is to pair clients with volunteer attorneys. This means that she listens to and reassures people who have serious needs and fears — whether they be people seeking legal assistance or those doing their best to supply it! When I think of Patricia, I think of my first MVL case and the confidence she inspired in me when I hesitated to try a new area of law. But for her calm and kind attitude, I may not have taken that first step. Thank you, Patricia. I am so glad to know you!
~ Dianne Van Voorhees, Executive Director of MVL

Patricia Trujillo is the heart and history of Metro Volunteer Lawyers. She has been the steady presence through changes of structure, changes of program name, changes of administrators, changes of software and changes of office space. She has been a friend and mentor to innumerable law school interns, staff members, pro bono attorneys and, primarily, clients. Her heart has always been in pro bono work and she has lived the history of The Thursday Night Bar Program/Metro Volunteer Lawyers.
Barbara G. Chamberlain
Executive Director (1995 - 2002)
Thursday Night Bar Program/Metro Volunteer Lawyers

Patricia speaks softly yet has a major impact on the services provided to Denver’s low-income clients. The program has benefited greatly from her dedication to MVL. Patricia, thanks so much for your kind heart and continued service to MVL and the DBA.
~ Dana Collier Smith

The people in need of pro bono legal services in the metro area could not ask for a more perfect ally than Patricia. She has worked very hard and put forth at times Herculean efforts to place their cases with attorneys and manages to do it with a calm demeanor and a disciplined approach. Also, just as important is that Patricia has always treated the volunteer attorneys well and provided a great deal of support. I cannot imagine how MVL would be without her involvement!
~ Fran Fontana, Fontana & Associates

One of the reasons for the great success of Metro Volunteer Lawyers over the past 19 years is Patricia Trujillo. It’s nearly impossible to say no to her when she calls with a case. She lulls you into thinking that it really is a simple case with her kind, soft voice. Pat has played an unsung, but significant roll in the Denver legal community. She has matched thousands of indigent people who have serious legal needs with competent and caring attorneys. Three cheers for Pat Trujillo!
~ Steven J. Hahn, Hahn Smith Walsh & Mancuso


To volunteer with Metro Volunteer Lawyers, contact the staff at (303) 866-9378.

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