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September 2007
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Match the Lawyer with His/Her Song

In an unprecedented turn of events, last month’s Docket meeting digressed from its customary structured agenda to a lively discussion about what theme song a lawyer would want as he/she marches into the courtroom. Rather than choose theme songs for themselves (it seemed quite likely that there would be a fight over who gets Darth Vader’s theme music), the group brainstormed other lawyers and matched them with fitting theme songs. To avoid any litigation that might ensue as a result of this exercise, the committee has chosen to present this information in the form of a "match game" for your enjoyment. You also may notice that there are more songs than lawyers … that is to further protect us from litigation.



1. Hal Haddon

a. Rocky Mountain High

2. Chuck Turner

b. Stormy Weather

3. Norm Brownstein

c. Take This Job and Shove It

4. Brian "Bulldog" Moore

d. Running on Empty

5. Frank Azar

e. Long May You Run

6. Cliff Enten

f. Hey Bulldog

7. Michael Sawaya

g. The Thrill is Gone

8. Alberto Gonzalez

h. Shop Around

9. Andrew Cohen

i. Raised on Robbery

10. Dan Caplis & Craig Silverman

j. I Fought the Law (and the Law Won)

11. Michael "Brownie" Brown

k. It’s the End of the World as We Know It

12. Sean McCallister

l. Money for Nothing

13. Phil Cherner

m. Lawyer Guns and Money

14. David Lane

n. Video Killed the Radio Star

15. Charlie Garcia

o. Take the Money and Run

16. Brooke Wunnicke

p. Lawyers in Love

17. Norton Frickey

q. Darth Vader Theme Song

18. Walter Gerash

r. Ain’t Misbehavin’

19. Linda & Jim Chalat

s. Send in the Clowns

20. Larry Pozner

t. My Fair Lady

21. Frances Koncilja

u. I Walk the Line

22. Pat Furman

v. Not Ready to Make Nice

23. E. Gregory Martin

w. High Noon

24. Mitch Morrissey

x. Have Gun Will Travel


y. Charlie Brown Theme Song


z. You Talk Too Much


aa. Hail to the Chief


bb. When I’m 64


cc. "Gladiator" Theme Song


dd. Woke Up This Morning ("The
Sopranos" Theme Song)

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