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February 2007
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Spoil Yourself at the Spa: The Perfect Toes

by Matthew Crouch

Editor’s Note: With Valentine’s Day approaching, The Docket thought it would be fun to go beyond the standard "what to get your sweetie" article and explore the world of self-indulgence and pampering through the eyes of unlikely suspects. With some arm-twisting, four of our male writers agreed to step up to the challenge and visited a local spa for a treatment assigned to them. Learn about their experiences, which explore spa treatments both men and women can enjoy. Thanks to Bella Fiore Day Spa, Revive Spa, Indulgences Day Spa and Spa Universaire for donating their services for the sake of a good story.

I find myself thinking, "What diabolical mind at The Docket set me up for this?"

I am sitting in a waiting room, pink pastel wallpaper and white wicker furniture, sipping Earl Grey tea (the most masculine tea I could find), waiting for a Warm Stone Pedicure at Indulgences Day Spa. The receptionist has already corrected me twice; apparently, there is a difference between "Warm Stones" and "Hot Rocks."

Indulgences is located on West 32nd Ave., in the middle of a small, boutique neighborhood, surrounded by little restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores and a gourmet cheese shop.

I’m introduced to Analisa, my pedicurist du jour. Seating me in a room adjoining the reception area, she had me prepare for the pedicure. Since she got down to business and wasn’t chatty with me to start, I found myself reading magazines and listening to the Tchaikovsky played over the sound system. I, for one, did not know that Philip K. Dick was buried in Colorado. Thanks 5280!

The pedicure began with a nice soak in the whirlpool massager, and my feet began to relax. Analisa eventually started the real work, shaping nails, gently removing cuticles, filing calluses, and more soaking. Then, a real treat — a sugar exfoliation. Nerve endings I usually pay no attention to came to life, and all at the same time. I found myself thinking that this much sensation is actually pretty sensuous, and my mind wandered, wondering how to work in exfoliating pedicures more often.

Next came the warm basalt stones, which had been sitting in what looked like a crock pot, gently heating up while we started the pedicure. Analisa added mineral oils to the stones and began rubbing them over my feet and ankles. The nerve endings that were once nearly hyperactive relaxed and melted into warm puddles. I tried conversation with Analisa again. Finally, she opened up. Apparently, no Bronco offensive linemen come in for the warm stone pedicures.

Before it was over, she applied a warm mud masque to moisturize my feet. At the end of the pedicure, my feet felt more fresh and relaxed than they had in recent memory.

That’s when Analisa let me in on the secret: "Lots of female trial lawyers come in on the evenings." Analisa said they come in on a regular basis, and that the warm stone pedicure is one of the ways they relax after a long day of litigation and trial work.

Safely tucking that tidbit away, we wrapped up. While the Indulgences website says "unfortunately we are unable to carry you to your car, so you will need to figure out how to walk on your own again after this service," I managed just fine. I retired to a coffee shop, bought a large chai and a piece of marble cake, then left to savor the relaxed feeling and plot how to litigate more often as an excuse to get warm stone pedicures.

Find Indulgences Day Spa at 3456 W. 32nd Ave., (303) 561-0566, or


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