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February 2007
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Spoil Yourself at the Spa: Going Metro for a Facial

by Doug McQuiston

Editor’s Note: With Valentine’s Day approaching, The Docket thought it would be fun to go beyond the standard "what to get your sweetie" article and explore the world of self-indulgence and pampering through the eyes of unlikely suspects. With some arm-twisting, four of our male writers agreed to step up to the challenge and visited a local spa for a treatment assigned to them. Learn about their experiences, which explore spa treatments both men and women can enjoy. Thanks to Bella Fiore Day Spa, Revive Spa, Indulgences Day Spa and Spa Universaire for donating their services for the sake of a good story.

Important Docket Assignment," read the tagline on the e-mail my Docket editor had sent. What would it be? A day at the gun range with local lawyer/sharpshooters? Trying out the newest cigar and single-malt joint?

"You’ll visit the Bella Fiore Day Spa in Cherry Creek for the ‘Italian Spa for Men,’ then write about it!" Whoa, there, little Pilgrim, I thought. I jumped onto their website: "Italian Spa For Men — A European style, deep cleansing, purifying and anti-aging facial specifically designed for men. This hydrating and rejuvenating treatment is perfect for skin irritations caused by shaving and elemental exposure. Restores the skin’s vibrancy and clarity."

I called her immediately. "What about my image?" I protested. "Rock-ribbed conservative, a Man’s Man — I’ve never even eaten quiche!"

"It’s a Valentine’s Day feature," she said. "Your write-up will be one of several."

"Well, OK," I said. "If the other guys can do it, so can I." After all, I could have gotten stuck with the herbal body wrap.

Inside Bella Fiore’s little yellow cottage, my "aesthetician," Teresa, greeted me, asking in a soft Polish accent if I wanted some herbal tea or mineral water. Fearing Metro-overload so soon into my hour, I opted for the water. She ushered me to the changing area and handed me a robe and slippers.

"Changing area?" I exclaimed. "I’m only getting a facial!"

"Ve vant you to be comvfortable," Teresa said.

Well, it was too late to turn back now. I slipped into the robe and slippers and followed Teresa upstairs to my private room.

First step: the "exfoliant," a European concoction of natural herbs and mineral clay, to strip away all of the dry, dead skin cells and "open up the pores." Teresa explained every step. I learned that on either coast, and in Europe, (where Teresa worked before coming to Colorado), facials for men are hugely popular. Out here in the Rockies, we still don’t much take to such pamperin’, but Teresa pointed out that her male customer list is increasing.

Next, Teresa massaged in a cranberry/pomegranate mask. The stuff smelled pretty good, and the warm steam gently blowing over my face felt great. While the mask set, Teresa gave me a neck, shoulder and hand massage, then left me alone in the room awhile to relax and let the natural ingredients work their magic. I almost fell asleep.

Finally, she applied a citrus-smelling herbal lotion to "seal in the moisture." My manliness still intact, I was soon back in my suit. The spa staff commented on how much better I looked. Teresa reminded me to use a daily sunscreen.

I was a New Man. Well, at least the outer layer of my skin cells were.

The Italian Spa for Men will make an unforgettable Valentine’s gift for the man in your life. He’ll definitely enjoy it.

Find Bella Fiore Day Spa at 324 Clayton St., Unit B, (303) 355-3365, or

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