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May 2006
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Mad Lib: A Day in Court

by Christine Nierenz


1. Name of litigator employed in your office, or if there are none, any attorney will do

2. Adverb_______________________

3. Name of famous celebrity_______________________

4. Name of legal motion_______________________

5. Past tense verb_______________________

6. Verb ending in –ing_______________________

7. Verb_______________________

8. Plural noun_______________________

9. Group of people_______________________

10. Noun_______________________

11. Name of place_______________________

12. Past tense verb_______________________

13. Past tense verb_______________________

14. Formal title designation, such as "The Honorable…"_______________________

15. Name of co-worker in your office_______________________

16. Name of trial component_______________________

17. Answer a magic eight ball might give you_______________________

18. Name of second celebrity_______________________

19. Plural noun_______________________

20. Plural noun_______________________

21. Type of lawsuit_______________________

22. Verb ending in –ed_______________________

23. Name of different type of lawsuit_______________________

24. Latin phrase_______________________

25. Name of legal procedure or trial component_______________________

26. Name of place_______________________

27. Noun_______________________

28. Name of emotional or psychological condition_______________________

29. Name of liquid_______________________

30. Past tense verb_______________________

31. Verb ending in –ing_______________________

32. Name of physical ailment or symptom_______________________

33. Group of animals_______________________

34. Verb ending in –ing_______________________

35. Name of place_______________________

36. Past tense verb_______________________

37. Second group of animals_______________________

38. Latin phrase_______________________

While working at the office one day, I received a phone call from (1), who was calling during a recess from a court hearing. (1) began the call (2): "This is unbelievable! At the beginning of the hearing, (3) entered his/her appearance for the opposing party! I immediately moved for a(n) (4), but the Judge only (5) at me. When the Judge did that, my client began (6), and then the Bailiff tried to (7) my client into the jury room, which was filled with (8) and (9). At that time, the Judge banged his (10), and yelled, "Order in the (11)!" The Judge then called a Bench conference while the court clerk (12) the coffee and water. At the Bench, the Judge said, "The conduct of counsel in this case has been (13). I want you two to straighten up. I am therefore ordering that this trial begin immediately, and you begin addressing me as (14) (15). (1) asked, "May we begin with (16)?" The Judge then picked up his magic eight-ball and shook it, and the answer was (17). Then he told us to proceed.


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