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March 2006
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Letters to the Editor

Credit Due for Credit Union

I read with interest the article by Daynel Hooker in the January 2006 issue of The Docket, wherein my mug and name were prominently displayed. However, credit should go where credit is due.

The idea of forming a DBA Credit Union was the brainchild of Dolores Kopel. She shared the proposal with DBA President Bill McClearn in 1977. The two of them rounded up a group of dedicated volunteers who worked nonstop to form the Credit Union. At the time, I was president-elect, and was only one of the many who made it happen. But Dolores and Bill were the driving force behind the project and they deserve recognition.

Being extremely lucky, as usual, I was president in 1979 at the time the Credit Union was finally incorporated. Therefore, without requesting it, I received Membership No. 1. The article accurately reported that I will not, while living, surrender that No. 1.

Thank you for the publicity for the Credit Union. Those of us who attended its birth are quite pleased to view the healthy adult it has become.


Will Carpenter

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